POLL. California Voters Want Newsom Over Kamala Harris

I don’t know what kind of weed they are smoking in California, but it must be some really good stuff.

A new poll came out that, at first, I thought offered some hope.

Then the microphone dropped and I could not help but shake my head in disbelief.

The Poll

A joint poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and Los Angeles Times was not good news for Harris.

Voters were asked who they would want besides Joe Biden to run for office.

Harris did not make the top two, coming in third with a mere 10 percent.

The top two vote-getters, well, you are not going to believe this…

Retread Bernie Sanders and almost recalled Gavin Newsom led the field with a whopping 13 percent each.

Think about that… this party’s best bet is a fossil socialist and a governor that was almost recalled.

Six out of ten say no-go to Biden running again.

Personally, I think Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) could be the next big thing for the Democrat Party, but I don’t see him having the profile just yet to make a serious run.

Be wary, however, because he is a snake in the grass progressive that hides his true colors very well.

Source: The Hill

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15 Responses

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    1. I just hope it is really true. Kamala is the only person I can think of as bad or worse then Biden. I am soon to be 84 and I could do better then Kamala or Biden as they both are really that bad.

  2. Why are they(Dems) Hiding Henter? It’s time to nail all involved to any wall! Start with Billary,then Obammie, then…. on down the line!

    1. The “voters” won’t allow id David. There are LOTS of people who “admire” the sneeziness of these “politicians” .

  3. Just Write whatever You want the Big Tech propaganda Dem wing GOOGLE will just not post it anyway!!! Why is a SUPPOSIDLY conservative site using a PROVEN eliminator of Conservatives rite to free speech?? Even more if it contains substance and thought!! or more than a 50 words

  4. Gavin Newsome died at a shootout at his home when the soldiers came in to arrest him. That is not Newsome. We shouldn’t have another clone and or actors in our government system like fake Joe Biden who is also an actor.

  5. You know the D’s have to rummage through the bottom of the bucket in order to come up with Newsom, a failure in California, as their number one choice. The DNC and Californians sure didn’t look further than the perimeter of the tree that drops rotten fruit.
    Is there something about Newsom that speaks of his successes (if any) in managing Californian issues that most of the nation are unaware of? Like most of the D’s people benefit accomplishments, the the number can be counted on less than one hand.
    Rampant crime, excessive illegals and homeless, drug issues, fleeing residents, large business closing and bureaucratic first and second amendment laws don’t count.

  6. I live and California and unfortunately the dems don’t have any “quality” people to get all excited about. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel with Newsom and Harris. Believe me we are trying to get rid of Newsom but this state is so corrupt that nothing ever changes for the better. It’s no wonder people are leaving Cali in droves. My elected official in my district is Katie Porker (Porter) who’s claim to fame is her “white board”.

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