Two More House Democrats Calling It Quits

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has a real problem on her hands.

Two more House Democrats have decided to call it quits or seek another office.

That brings the number to 28… all incumbent seats being vacated.

What Does It Mean?

The two seats being vacated are Reps. Langevin (D-R.I.) and McNerney (D-CA).

Again, this is two long-term incumbents that were shoo-ins to get re-elected, but they clearly do not want to serve without being in power.

Over and above the obvious, this is going to be a significant financial drain on the party.

You have unfamiliar names trying to raise money that will be in knock-down, drag-out battles with Republicans looking to gain the seat.

Do not underestimate how much more money will have to put into these races to compensate for the lack of name recognition.

This is all money Democrats cannot use in other battles where they are in true danger of losing seats.

I don’t want to continue to beat this drum and get ahead of myself, but this is setting up 2022 to be a complete disaster for the Democrat Party.

Fox News breaks it all down…

Source: Fox News & CNN

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  1. Why is this site called “Conservative Journal Review” when conservatives are blocked from posting. This site is a joke.

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