Top Texas Democrat Calling It Quits

What is going on in the Democrat Party?

Yet another longtime high-profile Democrat has decided to call it quits.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) has announced that she will not be running for another term.

Time to Step Down

Johnson has been a fixture in Texas politics since 1973.

She started serving in the Texas House representing the 33rd District, moving on to the Texas Senate in 1987, representing the 23rd District.

In 1993, Johnson won her congressional election to take over Texas’ seat for the 30th District, representing the majority of Dallas.

Johnson also serves as the Chair of the House Science Committee.

At 85 years old, this is clearly the right decision, but it does mean yet another easy win for Democrats goes off the board.

More than likely, a Democrat will win back this seat, but the name recognition of Johnson is lost, as is the easy win.

This means the new candidate will be spending more than Johnson would have needed to carry this seat, which is money that cannot be used elsewhere.

This also seems to be a sign that longtime Democrats are ready to go out on top rather than face Republicans taking over the House.

Source: New York Post

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9 Responses

  1. Those retiring now are probably doing do to escape the coming political storm that is brewing, or to escape criminal charges

  2. Nancy should have been term limited more than 30 years ago. She has been in charge way too long. The Rats are jumping the ship . That is good. She needs to leave her post as well. I am sure we can get along with out her. We have been doing ok without her and Dementia Joe Biden. Fauci needs to be fired and put away out of our Misery. He is nothing but a flip flopping mess.

  3. If we are lucky the ghost the say that are in the White House are making him leave for the weekends! Hopefully he will blow a gasket or better yet wake up one morning and not know where he is permanently!

  4. Are you going to start crying too Pelosi like AOc. DemocRATS of a feather flock together. HA-HA-Ha what laughing stock the DC democRATS have become.

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