CA Principal Calls Cops on 4-year-old

Well, now I have seen it all.

Believe me when I say that I have seen 4-year-old children that could use a wake-up call by having the cops called on them.

That was not the situation here.

The crime of this wayward child… not wearing a mask.

So Dramatic

Masking without a proper mask and a custom-fitted mask is basically useless.

That was the one truth to come from COVID.

Point being, a conservative estimate is that about 95 percent of the masks you saw on people’s faces every day had about a five percent or less impact on the spreading of COVID.

This was even more so regarding children, who, for whatever reason and for the most part, were not vulnerable to COVID.

Yet, when a small child showed up at school sans mask, the principal saw the need to call the police…

This is today’s America… and it is not one I am willing to accept.

Source: Fox News

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