Capitol Police Arrest Man Near DNC HQ with Bayonet and Machete

Earlier today, Capitol Police reportedly arrested a man near the DNC headquarters.

According to police, the man had multiple knives in his truck, including a bayonet and a machete.

The suspicious truck was noticed on Sunday night.

Bracing for Danger

Conservatives are doing everything to distance themselves from right-wing extremist groups, but this news cycle will not make that very easy.

An upcoming rally on September 18 by the Justice for J6 group already had law enforcement’s ears up.

Police are expecting far-right-wing extremist groups, including white supremacy groups, to flock to DC for the “rally.”

The arrest of this man will more than likely only amp up the readiness in the area.

Local police reportedly noticed the suspicious truck on Sunday night.

The Dodge Dakota truck had no license plate but instead had a picture of the American flag where that plate should have been.

The truck also reportedly had a swastika and white supremacist symbols painted on it.

Donald Craighead, 44, of Oceanside, CA, was taken into custody when the police saw a machete and bayonet in the vehicle, both illegal in DC.

Capitol Police had already requested extra security measures be put in place for the rally, including temporary fencing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is reportedly holding a security briefing today with top officials on both sides of the aisle in both the House and Senate to discuss security protocols for the event.

Source: CNN

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22 Responses

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  2. She won’t secure the boarder for our protection, but any sign of a problem that might effects her, she on it with another fence . Let’s see who is willing to be her personal protector this time. All about her again ‼️

    1. I would care less if I picked up the newspaper and read that N^a^n^c^y P^e^l^o^s^i was permanently term limited by a good heart attack or stroke, or a high speed collision with a drunk driver. Same for her democrat henchpeople in Congress. B^i^d^e^n is perhaps the most cruel, incompetent, inept, heartless heathen lying bastard ever to occupy the WH.

  3. I’m not buying that the vehicle had swastikas and white supremacist symbols on it. Not saying the guy was smart but that’d be pretty stupid to advertise like that. Also seeing that you got the information from CNN makes me not believe it even more. They are always pushing that narrative whether it’s true or not.

    1. We definitely don’t know the whole story since any news is biased. Way out of control and needs to be censored! But we can’t do that….but it will come a day when they too will suffer freedom of speech!

  4. Anyone who wanted to get away with this would not have been so obvious. This is a set up to make republicans look bad straight from the democrats playbook.

  5. Agree just like the rally at the capitol last time was full of planted BLM participants the upcoming protest will be full of payed actors as well. You almost need to ID check the people participating in any protest to make sure there are no hired instigators.

  6. I am interested to see that the responses, so far, to this “news” item are cynical. I, too, think this whole 1/18 thing is a fantasy devised by the DumBOcrooks to turn the useful idiots’ hearts and minds AWAY from the Afghanistan debacle. Nice Try. But, I, for one, will NOT forget what Ole Sippy Cup’s handlers did in Kabul. They have blood on their hands, just as Ole Joe does, and they should all be held accountable. Not interested in Piglosi’s fear mongering. I’ll bet he wasn’t wearing a MASK, either – for SHAME!

  7. So other than no license plate what did he do that was illegal. Are bayonets and machetes illegal in DC. Just asking since I don’t know their laws

  8. I heard on the radio the man who is head of the group on the 18th. He seems very organized and they are suppose to be searching all that are to be part of their march. There is no Trump symbols, no T-shirts with symbols representing groups or Trump. They can on carry posters about Jan 6 prisoners being held unlawfully and no guns, instruments to harm, etc. They aren’t to come fighting but to protest the injustice being done to these people when nothing done on all the other protest – against Kavanaugh, etc. and nothing against the White House protesters, etc. They want fair justice! Sure sounds good to me. Of course, the other side wants it blown up!

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