Carlson Dissects Controversial Remarks for Biden’s DOJ Civil Rights Appointment

So, we know Joe Biden is going to have some extremists in his administration.

There will be enormous pressure on him to install uber-progressives, but we were at least hoping he would not put people in office that would create more divide than there already is in this country.

Our hopes have fallen by the wayside, as Kristen Clarke will be the new DOJ guru on Civil Rights.

Dangerous Words

The ongoing question in this country is if we will ever heal the racial divide.

While it is unlikely that racism will ever be completely eliminated, it would help if blatantly racist people were not put in prominent roles in government.

After all, didn’t liberals just balk about that for the last four years, tagging just about every Trump appointment as a Nazi or racist of some sort?

Any Democrat that attacked Donald Trump on this front will have a hard time justifying support for Clarke.

Clarke has been nominated by Biden to head up the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division.

This is a woman that has made some very radical statements about race, as Tucker Carlson dissected in a recent segment.

Clarke Exposed

The report made by Carlson is something you are unlikely to see discussed anywhere else.

Most mainstream media outlets coddle the left and they surely will not report a controversial past of a key member of the incoming Biden administration.

If they ignored a member of Congress getting romanced by a Chinese spy, what are the chances of the media reporting a Biden appointment that is steeped in racial controversy?

Here is Carlson’s report on Clarke…

So, tell me, does that sound like someone that will promote unity among the different races in this country?

Or does that sound like someone that wants to vilify and demean more than half the people in this country?

Source: American Digest

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