Casey DeSantis Slams Democrat Lt. Gov. Candidate for Insulting Joke

Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife, Casey, is showing the country that she is ready to step up as more than just the first lady of Florida.

She is clearly First Lady material, absolutely obliterating Karla Hernandez-Mats, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor.

Hernandez-Mats was trying to make a joke off her teaching career, but it fell completely flat, except to the liberal Kool-aide drinkers in the room at the time.

Can’t Say That

This was Charlie Crist’s running mate talking about how she is qualified to deal with the Republican-dominated Florida legislature…

She has actually told this joke in public numerous times…

Mrs. DeSantis responded,

That sounds like someone ready to take on the liberal world from the White House.

Source: Washington Examiner

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4 Responses

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  2. Casey DeSantis, God bless you for the intelligence you use in pointing out the cruelty from this would-be challenger to the state of Florida’s lt. Gov.! Can you imagine anyone so insensitive leading your state??
    With the Governor, DeSantis, and his First Lady, yourself, no one could possibly take this miserable human seriously to govern Florida!!! But then again, look who we have as a president (even though we all know how he became president!).

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