CDC Pivots Language for Fully Vaccinated

Well, we all knew it was coming.

The CDC has finally changed the language in what is now considered fully vaccinated.

If you don’t have the booster shot, you are now not fully vaccinated against COVID.

Here We Go…

Get ready for that third jab, possibly more.

If you have taken the first round of the vaccine, you are no longer considered fully vaccinated.

The CDC is changing the language to now include booster shoots.

CDC boss Walensky stated, “What we really are working to do is pivot the language to make sure that everybody is as up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccines as they personally could be, should be, based on when they got their last vaccine.

“So importantly, right now we’re pivoting our language, we really want to make sure people are up-to-date.

“That means if you recently got your second dose, you’re not eligible for a booster, you’re up-to-date.

“If you are eligible for a booster and you haven’t gotten it, you’re not up-to-date and you need to get your booster in order to be up-to-date.”

This is a pretty big deal considering the legislation that Democrats want to put in place on this front.

What is not clear is how long people will have to be considered fully vaccinated in terms of private and government mandates.

This, of course, would also include those of us that have had COVID and have the stronger antibodies already present in our system.

What do you think about the CDC changing the language… again?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Daily Caller

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24 Responses

  1. When interviewed about the vaccine Meat Loaf said: , “Yeah, I know. But not me. If I die, I die, but I’m not going to be controlled.”
    I agree with him. I’ll die without the shot, but I won’t be controlled!

  2. Gee. I guess Joe and the rest don’t want to be re-elected. Can’t wait to see what will follow. Free country?

  3. Unfortunately; Iseral Is Exploding With Omnicom Cases, And They Are The Most Phizer Vaxed. Country In The World.? There Looking At A 4th Booster? The Way I See It; Once Your Vaxed You Will Never Be Totally Vaxed.

    1. It tells you that ALL the liars won! I never trusted all this BS.They all claimed Hitler wanted to conquer the world but in reality BS & the china BIO research system was the winner! TIME to cover everything up!

  4. It will only continue, booster after booster. They have to have their control of the people even though they know the boosters won’t help. Money and control is what they want and they don’t care how many have adverse reactions by their jabs. 😕

  5. CDC only is trying to control all of us. It had to stop. There is no science involved, we are buying mask from China and I’m pretty sure even the stupid vaccines. Are the people in charge working for the USA or China, that is my question. Does the CDC even know if the vaccines they are buying have the disease in then? China wants to rule the country and it seems like that already are

  6. Wait until they require a booster every month. Will you get the shot then you blind followers? I am happy with my own personal immunity thank you. Even sheep are not that dumb.

    1. I had the two shots and I still got Covid. If these worked the way they say, nobody would get the disease. Wake Up Libs. One control,leads to another, and another. So slowly they don’t hope we don’t notice. And, some people who refuse to think for themselves will not notice. GUESS WHAT??? I notice and so should everyone else.

      1. Meant to type “they hope we don’t notice” instead of “they don’t hope we don’t notice”. Wish their was an “edit” and “delete” button.

  7. The entire British Isles have dropped all the mask and mandate idiocy. Of course, with the Dems in power, it will not be dropped here. The Demonrats have NOTHING ELSE and if they lose their grip on their pandemic overreach then they will go down the drain with the rest of the detritus. November, would you hurry up PLEASE?!?! We may not be here much longer!!!

  8. Stick your mandates squarely up your azzes. I’m fully vaxxed, wear masks, practice safe distancing, and just tested positive for the Covid-19 variant, Omicron. The CDC, NIH, and Fauci are lying to the world. I’m taking Magnesium, Zinc, and Ivermectin as prescribed, and I’m feeling great.

  9. When something isn’t working you change to something else. Since they aren’t changing what they are doing it tells us a lot, and it’s nothing good for we the people.

  10. Somebody is getting MONEY for every shot “given”. Fauci for one,also the communist democrats are still trying to keep people in fear,in order to help them (the communist) control everybody. So far, it seems, it has worked to a degree. People, though, are getting tired of the laws (commands} being changed on a whim.

  11. Even the UK has gotten wise to the con game. They have lifted the mandates and they are just asking the people to use common sense. If you are sick, stay home for 5 days.

  12. My Granddaughter 31, My Great Granddaughter 7 and My Great
    Grandson 5 were all tested a few
    days ago and they all have Covid-19!!!
    My Granddaughter had the two shots
    and the Booster!!! My understanding
    is they should be herd immunity!!! We
    live in California, so when they come around the schools are my Great
    Grandchildren going to have to take
    the shot!!! I pray 🙏 they do NOT
    try that, because there will be hell to

  13. Tired of the WHO CDC Fauci games
    END the mandates
    See UK, Sweden
    See FL.
    Get on one message & stay on message

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