Charges Dropped Against Judge Who Helped Migrant Evade ICE

The system is rigged.

If you are a Democrat, you pretty much have carte blanche with Merrick Garland in charge of the DOJ.

In yet another slam dunk case, the U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island, Zachary Cunha, has decided to drop the charges against Newton District Court Judge Shelley Joseph.

If you recall, Joseph was the judge that helped an illegal immigrant evade capture by ICE roughly three years ago.


Aiding and Abetting… seems pretty clear to me.

Yet, rather than prosecute Joseph in what should have been an easy verdict, Cunha is giving her a walk.

Instead, she will go before a review panel.

In dropping the case, he stated, “This case is about the conduct of a sitting state court judge, on the bench, in the course of her judicial duties. Its purpose has been to shed light on, and, as warranted, to secure accountability for that conduct.

“After I was assigned to oversee this matter, I undertook a full and comprehensive review of the evidence, the applicable law, and relevant equitable and prudential factors.

“Having done so, I have concluded that the interests of justice are best served by review of this matter before the body that oversees the conduct of Massachusetts state court judges, rather than in a continued federal criminal prosecution.”

Oh, so you only have to worry about your job when you are a judge and help a criminal escape capture.

If this were anyone reading this article right now that, for instance, helped a January 6 rioter evade capture, we would be behind bars facing charges and likely be convicted on the fast train.

The system is broken and our DOJ is an embarrassment.

Source: Fox News

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Unscientific mandates, destructive ideologies, an open border allowing “rainbow” fentanyl to pour across...Democrat leaders consistently put special interests before kids.

Parents are tired of it, and that is a lesson Dems will learn in November.

Biden created the migrant crisis.

Harris ignores it.

Pelosi & Schumer won’t allow one border security measure to come for a vote.

Republicans have a plan to solve this crisis but we first must END the one party Democrat rule that created this mess.

“So which is harder? Being a helicopter pilot or raising four kids?”

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