Cheney Endorses Democrat, Social Media Erupts

It’s official… I will no longer use the R after Liz Cheney’s name.

I cannot even call her a Representative in good faith because the only person she represents now is herself.

Cheney has made it clear that her purpose in life is to stop all things Trump, even if it hands power over to Democrats.

Crossing the Line

I have said many times, you can remain conservative and not support Trump.

I know plenty of people that feel that way, and they don’t go around endorsing or voting for radical Democrats.

Cheney is doing just that.

She just endorsed Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) in the upcoming House race.

Cheney was immediately blasted online…

My favorite aspect of this is that the Cheney family acts as though they are above it all.

Does anyone remember that her father, Dick Cheney, literally lied about WMDs to save George Bush’s presidency and engage our country in war?

I am pretty sure the ice the Cheneys are standing on is pretty thin.

Source: Fox News