Cheney Will Introduce Election Reform Bill Next Week

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has very limited time left in office.

She has already lost her primary, so she has only four months remaining to push her anti-Trump agenda.

Cheney will try to go out with a bang, hoping to change the rules on how electors are processed in an election.

The Electoral Count Act

Basically, the legislation will make it harder to challenge electors and eliminate the vice president from the process altogether.

Congress would be forced to accept state electoral results as they are turned in, with any exceptions being settled with a supermajority vote.

The one misconception regarding the process is just how much power the VP has during this process.

As was noted in legislation presented earlier on this issue, the role of the VP is “solely ministerial” already.

Trump has always pushed back on that, believing that Mike Pence had the authority to send the electors back to the states for recertification.

There are clearly some constitutional issues at stake here, which I am sure will all be brought up during the debate stages of the legislation.

I have no doubt the bill will pass through the House, but I am not sure there will be 10 Republicans that will support this bill unless Senator McConnell (R-KY) gets on board and rallies his RINO troops.

Source: Fox News

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45 Responses

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  2. It is incumbent on Republicans in Congress to vote this down. Reform can be dealt with under the next Congress when honest or semi honest people are in place. I don’t trust ANYTHING Cheney is a part of.

      1. My thoughts on her go to her bank account. She arrived in congress with 3 million in the bank and she’s leaving with over 44 million! Now how does a congress person who makes less than 200k with unheard-of benefits in the real world raise it?

      2. Hatred has distorted Liz Cheney’s thinking just as it has Swamp Queen Pelosi. That is why Pelosi appointed Cheney to the very biased Jan 6th committee. That committee has failed miserably to achieve its appointed goal of finding anything they could to accuse Trump of to keep him from running for office in 2024. The two old hags have failed and should be booted from Congress. Cheney is on her way out. Pelosi will be too.

          1. People who havve common sense at all see this for what it is – Democrat communist dirty scheme to keep themseles in power so they continue to steal us blind.

            They have already weaponized the DOJ and IRS. Everyting Biden and minions have touched has been a total cluster [email protected]

            America cannot survive much longer under the Dem Communists.

            Vote Republican !!! Even though you may have to hold your nose when you pull the lever.

    1. We are not kissing up to Kim Jong Un or Putin and we do not wish our military to be like the WW2 German army as Trump wished outloud. Check it out.

    1. Hillary has yet to figure that out for herself so I suspect that this woman will be shooting off her mouth for a while.

  3. Just more proof the Cheney is not for the people, not for America , Not for anything, just trying to get Trump out of elections . The one who should be out is Cheney, OUT of The USA. She is only for herself.

  4. SO,when you have corruption like the last election you just have to live with it is what I get from the law that this vindictive rino is pushing.The democRATS will love this.

  5. I proudly voted for Harriet Hageman. I believe it was the most important vote I’ve ever made. Even so, when I read this report, it was the first time I realized Liz Cheney might not be evil after all. I think she is mentally Ill and belongs in the cuckoo’s nest.


  7. [f she thinks it’s against Trump, it rather will work in favor of Tump in 2024 when he is elected because the Democrats won’t go in peace.

  8. To Conservative Journal Review…why are you allowing the advertising on the opening comments section. It has nothing to do with the subject being discussed.

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