Chicago USPS Threaten Stoppage Over Shooting of Letter Carrier

The most dangerous thing a letter carrier should have to be worried about is a dog, but that is not the case in Chicago as of late.

Delivering the mail has suddenly become one of the most dangerous jobs in Chicago, as the recent shooting of a 24-year-old letter carrier proves.

Now, Chicago postal workers are threatening to halt mail delivery due to how dangerous the streets have become.

The Shooting

The shooting took place last week, with a letter carrier being shot after a vehicle with assailants reportedly opened fire…

On Friday, local postal workers held a vigil in her honor, but they also dropped a bombshell announcement on the local community.

Mack Julion, the president of the Chicago chapter of the National Association of Letter Carriers, stated, “Any letter carrier who does not feel safe in any one of these communities then they are not to deliver mail and customers have to pick up their mail.

“We are not going to have another situation where the letter carrier is shot down.”

You can read more about this report on The Blaze.

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