Chicago Violent Crime Update: 56 Shot, 11 Fatally Over Weekend

What was once one of the greatest cities in this country has turned into a virtual war zone.

In fact, Chicago is far worse than the military operations we currently have underway.

For the entire year, Operation Inherent Resolve has had three casualties, per the Defense Casualty Analysis System.

Chicago more than tripled that this weekend alone.

Over the course of this weekend, 56 people were shot, with 11 of them losing their lives.

And, once again, among the shooting victim were numerous children.

One boy aged eight and a 12-year-old girl were among the victims this weekend.

Of the 317 murder victims this year, 257 of them are black, mostly from black-on-black crime, yet Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to blame racism for the problems in her city.

This violent surge has continued even with Joe Biden sending in a “strike force” to bail out Lightfoot.

This is a failure of epic proportions by Democrats to the residents of this city, especially in minority neighborhoods.

Their policies are not working, so stop voting them into office!

Sources: Daily Caller & Defense Casualty Analysis System

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10 Responses

  1. Black or Black???? Does anyone get the picture? It’s not police or white people killing blacks, its black on blacks!
    And the people of Chicago want to defund the police? It makes me laugh. I am a Mexican but I don’t go around killing my own people. It’s the people in Chicago that have to organize and go after the gangs.

    1. the people of Chicago have 2 problems. cook county aka Crook county and the city of Chicago.
      the law-abiding citizen has no support or fire arms

  2. Mayor Lightfoot must be going for the Guinness World’s Record for the most number of people killed in her city. Where’s the Biden strike force??? Haven’t they shown up yet or are they afraid of being the next victims? So people of Chicago what are you going to do about her at election time? Think about it.

  3. I would care less if I read in the paper mayor Lori Lightfoot got shot or run over by a drunk in Chicago…that might be good for the neighborhood….all these jungle cities run by elements of the jungle are dangerous…put Charlottesville VA on the list…

  4. What ever happened to Biden’s “strike force”? I have not seen any updates. Did they even get there? IF so, what are they doing? What are the accomplishments? 11 dead in one weekend is not a good answer.

  5. Lori Lightfoot wake up. You are allowing the killings in Chicago. You destroyed your protection, THE POLICE. This is on you not racism or the police as you like to use as an excuse for what is happening in Your city. Wake up Lori, wake up.

  6. Lightfoot, you are so wrong! I pray you will know some day that you are the reason so many children and adults in Chicago died because of you! You have destroyed a once great city!

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