Greene’s Chief of Staff Resigns

One of the more polarizing figures in politics is now facing life without her chief of staff.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) found out on Friday that her chief of staff, Patrick Parsons, will no longer be a part of her team.

This, however, does not appear to be a departure on bad terms.

America First Conservatives

Green announced the resignation, wishing Parsons well.

She stated, “I want to thank my Chief of Staff, Patrick Parsons, for helping me take the fight to the Socialist Democrats as I’ve transitioned into Congress.

“He’s advised me he will be moving back into the political arena to help elect America First conservatives who can fight alongside me.”

Parsons, a known gun-rights advocate, stated, “She asked me to come to Washington to help organize her office.

“After eight and a half months fighting the Socialist Democrats and RINOs in D.C. it’s time to move on.”

He added, “Marjorie Taylor Greene is an America’s First superstar who has become one of the leading policy-influencers in our party today.

“She’s shaken up Washington, D.C., stood up to the swamp and her own conference, disrupted business as usual and showed Republicans how to fight back and never back down.”

Greene is arguably the most polarizing figure in DC right now.

She continues to confront Democrats on a daily basis, most recently getting into a shouting match on the steps of the Capitol with House Democrats.

She is a female version of Donald Trump, on steroids.

Greene has not yet announced who will take over for Parsons as her chief of staff.

Source: Washington Examiner

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5 Responses

  1. I am glad that the reason he left is to try and help you with those GOP running for office to back you. I am so proud of you Marjorie Green for standing up to the wrongful doings of the Dems. America is our country and we are proud to be Americans and thanks to you for fighting for our country. God bless you and give you the knowledge and strength to carry on fighting for our country the great USA.

  2. Margie is a breath of fresh air in that swamp that’s called Washington DC.
    We need a bunch more like her to stand up for America.
    Let’s see some politicians from both sides stand up for America.

  3. Keep up the fight Marjorie, your the only one that speaks up loudly for the Republicans. We need to Impeach this failed President, even if you don’t have the majority, Impeach him anyway. We need to show the country and World all the high crimes that this fake President has committed,but the icing on the cake will be watching the dems acquit him after showing all the crimes he perpetrated in the last 8 months of this stolen Presidency. This will destroy the corrupt democratic party as we know it.

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