China Mocks Biden for Threat of Diplomatic Boycott

Joe Biden was recently asked if there was any chance that the United States would boycott the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

Biden, already being compared to Jimmy Carter, was unwilling to say he would prevent athletes from going.

However, Biden did say that he is considering a diplomatic boycott, which had China doubled over in laughter.

Big Deal

On March 21, 1980, then-President Jimmy Carter announced the boycott of the Moscow Olympics.

It was a crushing blow to athletes that had trained their entire life for this one opportunity.

The measure was widely regarded as an epic failure, and it played a small role in Carter being defeated in the 1980 presidential election.

Even Joe Biden knows that is not an option, but he is now considering a diplomatic boycott, which is laughable.

All that means is that no official delegates from the administration will show up… so no ambassadors, no First Lady, no big deal.

The Global Times, which is a propaganda wing for the CCP, reported, “‘Diplomatic boycott’ is a roughly man-made new concept by Western politicians, meaning no ban on athletes, but government officials would not attend.”

It continued, “Athletes are supposed to be the most crucial players in the Games, not political figures. The only connection between politicians and the sporting event is they may attend the opening and closing ceremonies.

“Their attendance can further light up the already impassioned atmosphere, but no more. Wouldn’t we still call the event the Olympic Games even if leaders of a few countries won’t show up? Was the Games ever designed as a show for government officials?”

The report concluded, “If any politician considers his or her possible attendance at the Winter Olympic Games as a favor to Beijing or a bargaining chip to pile pressure on China while seeking more interests, they will just make themselves look speculative and egocentric.”

So, the Chinese government just called Joe Biden a drama queen.

Perhaps slapping China with crippling sanctions would be a far better move than the empty threat of a diplomatic boycott.

That won’t happen with Biden, though, because he has to keep his son’s business interests at heart.

Source: Breitbart

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9 Responses

  1. Well, I think China knows Sleepy Joe better than anyone else since he works for them, and they know he’s nothing more than an old bag of foul air.

  2. Biden SUCKS, HIS CABINET SUCKS, and the CONGRESS and DEMWITTED SENATE “also” ALL SUCK! Be ready for 2022 when WE THE PEOPLE “TAKE OUT THE TRASH”! And 2024 when we take out the rest of the GARBAGE!

  3. China is NOT THE ONLY ONES LAUGHING!! The Whole USA 🇺🇸 is LAUGHING AT HIM😂🤣!!

  4. Harris already knows she will not be VP in 2024. Democrats, get Pelosi out of speaker, put someone in as speaker whom can be trusted. . Harris invoke the 25 th and get Sleepy Joe admitted to a mental health inst. He maybe phy.healthy but is mind is gone.

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