Chris Wallace: Dems Ready to Send Biden to Retirement

Chris Wallace must have taken some truth serum within the last week.

Over the weekend, he offered a brutally honest take on legislation passed by Democrats and Biden’s approval ratings.

Now, he is dropping a truth bomb on Biden that most Democrats are ready for him to go away and retire rather than run again in 2024.

Go Home, Joe

Wallace appears to be trying to redeem himself from the far-left turn that led to him leaving Fox News.

He has always been liberal, but he clearly despised Trump and reportedly left Fox News due to many personalities supporting Trump.

He felt that Fox News had lost its way, yet he was among those pulling the wool over people’s eyes regarding Hillary and Joe Biden.

Wallace stated, “Remember, in the CNN poll of polls, I think it’s 75 percent of Democrats say they would like to see another Democratic nominee for president in 2024, you know, and we’ve seen this in businesses that, you know, ‘Thank you very much for your service. Here’s the gold watch. Enjoy your retirement.'”

When asked if the tax reform legislation, mislabeled as inflation-busting legislation, would make a difference, he did not seem hopeful.

He stated, “Whether or not a large percentage of that 75 percent, three-quarters of Democrats, are going to say, ‘You know what,? I’m excited by the idea of a guy who on next Inauguration Day would be 82 running for election again,’ I’m not so sure about that.”

By the time the 2024 election rolls around, most Americans will realize they were sold a false bill of goods, especially those that get audited after 87,000 new IRS agents are added to the roster.

Everything the media is now touting as a win for Biden will eventually be exposed for what it is, which will not be good for Joe Biden.

Source: The Hill

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24 Responses

  1. He should stay in Delaware and never return. He has DESTROYED what was once the Greatest Country in the World, “AMERICA”


      1. Well you let him go to White House and ruin America’s prosperity so you deserve him back and it is his home.

    1. Oh yes, God will punish him, his crime family, ALL the liars, the traitors, the God haters, the pedophiles, the baby killers, the freaks, the DEMONICrats etc…. They all have a reserved seat in the Lake of Fire, in hell, for eternity!

    1. Terry are you talking about Biden AND Wallace…I believe Wallace is going to back some other liberal that has more “credibility” with liberals – – don’t put it past Wallace!!!

  2. He is just one more holier than thou Catlicks who think they are better than the rest of us. Oh yea, he supports the murder of both the unborn and the born if necessary. Good Catlickj is all he is.

    1. He MAY be a “Catlick” but he is NOT a practicing Roman Catholic- by any sort – however, as far a faith goes…aren’t we taught NOT to judge others’ faith? Only God knows…I don’t condemn Biden but I SURELY don’t approve of him either…

    2. And God will say to these ‘ Catholics ‘, yeah, these ‘ holier than thou ‘, ….’ Depart from Me, for I do not know you! ‘
      Have a nice trip demos!

  3. In the last week especially, the Dems have proven beyond any doubt that they are nothing more than irresponsible, hateful children, who are operating on knee-jerk reactions rather than well-reasoned leadership.

    1. And these horrible children just made sure this inflation becomes a full-blown DEPRESSION, and they just made sure that President Donald J. Trump will absolutely run and absolutely win another term! Democrats are drooling idiots.

  4. Please stop bashing all Roman Catholics because of this President! I, for one, Do Not Appreciate President Biden’s total disregard for our religious beliefs! I am horrified at what he is allowing to happen in this country. I have never, ever bashed another religion for their beliefs!
    We should be done with hating, Don’t you think?

  5. Biden has yet to pay any contractor who has worked on his house. Or pay for heating oil from a local company.
    He has stiffed so many people and yet no news has picked up on it.

    1. Biden is for Biden only and no one else matters to him. Biden never should have entered our oval office. Biden is destroying all the good Trump achieved and is enjoying doing it. Biden has a one track mind if Trump did it then I must destroy it period!

  6. Biden continuously sticks his foot in his mouth, has made monumental, colossal and catastrophic decisions that are destroying this once great country and shamed the people and the presidency like no other in the history of these United States! If the people haven’t learned from this, they’ll have to accept a lot of the blame going forward…..

  7. I think the folks of Delaware would not appreciate y’all sending brain dead basement Biden back to them … I have a better idea the demoRAT’s have aligned themselves with the communist so well then he should really be sent to china or North Korea or some other crap hole like that or make a package deal for all the demoRAT’s and send them all off to Devil’s Island

  8. Wallace, for once, had made a true statement but I give him no credit for it as he is a constant back stabbing A hole and always will be. He deserves to be fired and run out of town!

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