Jobless Claims on the Rise Amid COVID Surge

And so it begins…

Joe Biden has been getting a bit of a break over the last few jobs reports, but that is all about to change.

In the most recent report, jobless claims jumped to 230,000.

That is a rise in claims of about 23,000 filings.

Working Against Biden

There is a lot working against Biden here and it will probably be a few weeks before it works itself out.

Biden could not help but pat himself on the back over the last few weeks when these numbers were down, so he has to own this now that the numbers are rising.

And it was not just that the numbers were up, but they were significantly over the projections of 200,000.

Make no mistake about it, the rise is all Joe Biden’s fault.

The vaccine mandate has started to take effect.

Even though the Supreme Court ruled against the mandate, many companies have already put the rule in place and have started to fire people rather than face the possible fines mentioned in the OSHA rule.

The big rise due to Omicron in positive cases is also having an impact.

Businesses in blue states are being put back on restriction, with some businesses just deciding to close instead.

This is all taking a toll on the jobs market and it is all Biden’s fault.

Oh, did we mention that thousands of military members now stand the chance of being discharged due to Biden’s mandate?

We should also note that after widespread resignations were reported, the Biden administration decided to rewrite the narrative that people were actually upgrading jobs, which, of course, is a complete and utter lie.

Are you buying the narrative that it is the great upgrade instead of the great resignation?

Are you worried the economy is going the wrong way?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: New York Post

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12 Responses

  1. Things are going to get worse. If the man (or his handlers) tells us everything is wonderful in marxist land, that means no one is working to fix it. It actually means they are working to make it worse.

  2. Impeachment proceedings should be started immediately this man is destroying the greatest country in the world he should be removed as soon as possible!!!!!

    1. Congress is Democrat-run. That’s why. They are a major part of the problem. We must vote those radical left-wing scumbags out of office. Vote! Get any friends who are too lazy to vote, to do so. Donate to your Republican repa if you can. Volunteer to help. But, at least, Vote! Vote! Vote!!

    2. Because they put up with this! Look at the riots last year! Nothing was done last year.We have ANARCHY in this country. You do this s**T in France the cops bring out water cannons and soak the demonstrators and jail them after.Politicians who object to LAW & ORDER put them in jail with the rioters.Everything is just TALK,TALK and more TALK.We already have NO border and very soon we will have NO COUNTRY! GOD PLEASE HELP US ALL!

    3. China Wants The Return On Its Investments It’s Been Making Since 1979. If They Call In The Marks They Have Against Our State Parks And Highways We’re Screwed Anyway. This Is Why The Virus Was And Is Being Allowed To Spread And Evolve Because Biden Does Not Want To Upset China.

  3. My is in My GOD through JESUS CHRIST His SON. God’s Word is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. PERIOD. 2 Timothy 1:7 GOD has not given me a spirit of fear, but of Power, and of Love, and of a Sound Mind. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joe Biden chose to be used and abused by his handlers just to have the title of president, so now he is blamed for what his handlers have done.

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