Cruz and Murphy Clash on Senate Floor

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) put a bill on the Senate floor that should have been a no-brainer.

The Securing Our Schools Act of 2022 failed, however, because Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) objected to unanimous consent.

Cruz was flabbergasted, especially when Murphy did not explain why he was blocking it.


When Cruz put the bill on the floor, as promised, Murphy objected.

He did so without reason… he just blocked the bill.

Cruz responded, “The fact that he chose not to say a word about why he objects is stunning.

“I find myself genuinely flabbergasted.”

Here is that part of the interaction between the two…

Murphy then decided on the dramatics, walking off the floor, twice.

There was back and forth for about 20 minutes, with Cruz pointing out the obvious, stating, “Had he done something really simple — just shut up, just shut his mouth, just sat there — we would be standing in a position where both of these bills would have been passed into law.”

That is Congress today, however.

It is all about theater and getting their names in the paper.

Two bills could have been passed through the Senate.

Instead, we had what amounted to a schoolyard brawl.

You can see the entire debate in the video below and judge for yourself just how out of line Senator Murphy was in this…

So, if we have another school shooting, remember this moment.

Schools could have been more secure were it not for Murphy grandstanding.

Source: Fox News

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19 Responses

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  2. Typo correction
    We the people hereby fire Murphy instantly (by) reason of walking off the floor like an immature teenage girl

  3. How can you trust anyone that does not want to protect children from ALL serious dangers while attending school. Anyone for Home Ed?

  4. Only comes to one thing… they (Democrats) think what they say is truth. Sometimes I wonder if they brains or are their brains like jelly”…. Appears that way. Very immature! Let something harm too their child if he has any. Wake up American get rid of these non descriptive individuals.

  5. Tell Murphy he is acting like a little sissy, u object to what –shole, protecting our kids in school, U dummycraps are the enemy of the people.U will get your sorry behinds, handed to u in the mid=terms.

  6. It all comes back , liberals have no knowledge of who GOD is nor do believe that he is in total control an He is letting them destroy themselves. We who are born again Christians always have Hope in tomorrow, nothing is impossible with GOD. I sincerely pray for all who do not believe in GOD and pray that He will have MERCY on our country.

  7. I cannot for the life of me understand how it is that an armed thug intent upon harm can enter a school and create havoc, even kill children and teachers, yet for me, a vetted legal concealed carry licensee cannot walk into a school armed?

  8. Ted Cruz’s bill was and is common sense, more police presence in and around our schools is a smart move. Apparently Murphy doesn’t know what common sense is. He must have lost the jewels he was born with. Our schools need all the protection they can get, our children deserve it, parents deserve it.
    All true patriots, all real Americans need to get out and vote idiots like Murphy out of a job.
    Ted Cruz is an honest, hard working person, man and senator.

  9. Senator Murphy should now hear from the parent of school children across the state of Connecticut. The parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School should make a lot of noise throughout Connecticut for this foolish act by Sem Murphy.

  10. Is this toilet wipe up for reelection this year? If not save this reaction until he is then spread it far and wide in his state.

  11. Excellent speech Senator Cruz. The cowardly little Senator from Connecticut weakly objected to protecting our children. We all know why. He only gets his money from the anti-gun lobby. So he had to stand up there and make a fool of himself and object on their behalf. We will remember when the next school shooting happens little man Murphy.

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