Clinton Nonprofit Funneled $75k to Defund the Police Group

Say one thing, do the opposite.

That is what Democrats are known for, and it is exactly what Hillary Clinton is doing with her nonprofit.

Tax documents show that Hillary’s Onward Together has funneled $75,000 to a far-left group supporting the defund the police movement.

Make Her Accountable

Onward Together was started in 2017 as part of her resistance movement against Donald Trump.

The group pushed the general support grant for the D.C.-based Alliance for Youth Action sometime between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021.

Alliance for Youth Action claims the policing system in this country “was founded on slave patrols and continues to target and murder Black people.”

It further backs the complete defunding of the police.

Its website goes on to say, “Centering Black people in our work means it is time to divest from police, and invest in Black futures.

“Defunding the police as part of the path towards abolition is one of the many steps that must be taken to ensure that Black people are able to thrive.

“As a network, we commit to ongoing learning about abolition, dismantling of white supremacy, and decentering of whiteness in our work.

“For individual organizations, this work includes providing extensive training on anti-racism for staff, focusing on issues that disproportionately impact people of color, incorporating racial justice and intersectional language in messaging, and integrating anti-racism into every aspect of the work including strategic plans.”

Part of that alliance is the Minnesota Youth Collective, which is part of the Yes 4 Minneapolis coalition.

This coalition was part of the movement to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department in 2021.

Voters rejected the measure in November.

Of course, this effort was also bankrolled by George Soros and the Open Society Policy Center, which donated $500,000 to the campaign.

Hillary’s Onward Together has not responded to requests for comments on supporting the defund the police movement.

Source: Fox News

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41 Responses


      1. Let’s keep Adam Schiff under house arrest, after all who’s going to make up all these crazy stories for us to listen to? To bad this man never learned to tell the truth because with his imagination he’d have made one heck of a fiction writer. As he can’t tell the truth about anything, he goes to jail too, where he can make up stories for his new cell mate about saving the world single handedly after climbing the Empire State Building. LMAO

        1. So on the spot, lie after lie to America. Treason would be what to charge him, he is a scum bag and hateful ugly person.

        1. I agree Adam Schiff is a stinking bug eyed liar he lied ever time he opens his mouth he needs to spend the rest of his in prison for what he done and cost the American tax payers Billions of dollars because of his lies and Crooked Hillary Clinton should be there with him

        1. Start with Hunter Biden and his father. That alone would clear up a lot of the mess we are now in. Remember “The good old days” of lower gas prices, just about every employable person employed, babies got their formula, and we didn’t have ships waiting for weeks to moths to discharge their cargo. Those are just the beginning of the mess caused by the Biden/Obama régime.
          Ask yourself this one question: Are you better off now? If you are not, you need to stop voting Democrat Only people who have a lot of money would say they are “fine” with the Biden/Democrat administration.

    2. I thoroughly agree I don’t know why she is still moving around as she is the biggest traitor in this country and the biggest liar.

  1. Put her in jail I don’t really think she had a right to sell uranium to Russia either when she did and Biden and Harris also need to be put in jail for Tierney the constitution old is they took was the protect this country not open the borders and Schumer needs to be put in jail to for inciting threats against the US justices

    1. When (If the RATs don’t cheat again, which I’m sure they will, dirty dirty RATs) control changes things will change for respecting or country again. We may even have the death penalty used. Vote Red and be free again.

    2. Schumer needs to be made to work for
      a living with a shovel in his hands.Just
      looking at him says”Spoiled Baby Boy.!”

  2. in live here in memphis. we just had to heinous crimes committed here over the last few days by two of these targeted young black men. i’m sure hillary’s group will feel sorry for the black men, not the familes of their victims

      1. Donald:
        That looser and her has been husband
        have SS protection 24/7 for life.I’ll bet
        they don’t have paintball guns under
        those jackets.!
        I would find it impossibe to be willing
        to give my life up for that useless frump
        and her useless husband.!

  3. She is like a stray dog as long as the Media keeps
    putting a bowl out for her and all the other useless
    nitwits called Democrats we will never get rid of
    them.The have to be convinced they have no standing.
    It seems that the Radical news programs are now
    advacating a civil war they had better think twice
    about such stupidity, by the time those idiots that
    want gun confiscation figure out how to even use the
    guns they want conficated they will all be statistics.!

  4. I’m so over this crap. Hillary has committed more crimes than just about anyone else I know in politics and yet here she is, still pulling her crap on the American people again as she watches them swallow it. She SHOULD have gone to jail about the Christopher Steele frame job. We ALL know shes the one snuggling with Russia (she blamed Trump for this) but we knew he wasn’t involved in it and that she WAS!

  5. If the police go can’t we get rid of Hilary’s personal security guards too? If we get no protection SHE gets no protection, after all fair is fair, so when you get to the cities you helped destroy duck and cover.

    1. I agree with you Albert. In fact, I think all of the used to be Gov electee’s should lose their secret service protection, And all of their families also. The average american are not protected any more from all the crimes the Democrats allow them to do without any consequences what so ever. Defund the Secret Service Organization so they can’t protect anyone, no matter who.

  6. All the talk in the world is not going to bring Hillary to justice. And she knows it. Justice will have to come via the Hand of the Divine. And it will. It is inescapable. And it is permanent.

  7. Don’t forget the leader of Jan6 & murder of Babitt. Pelosi, Antifa, BLM, Capitol Police, DC police and especially the FBI.

  8. Three things have kept her out of prison – her money, her political connections, and crooked judges! A powerful triumvirate to shield the biggest crook of them all!

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  10. The reason Hillery is still stirring s–t is because anybody that messes with her somehow is struck down and I mean down, like in the ground! The old hag will live to be a hundred , at least ole Bill doesn’t run with her anyway,sh e’s too ugly for Bill!!

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