REPORT: CNN Sheds 90 Percent of 2021 Audience

The first week of 2022 started like 2021 ended for CNN.

The network’s viewership was already down considerably coming into the new year.

That slide continued during the viewing week of January 3 to 9.

Abandon Ship

Honestly, it is tough to figure out how CNN is paying its bills.

During the first whole week of the year, CNN lost nearly 90 percent of its 2021 viewers from the same week this year in multiple categories.

Overall, the network was down 80 percent from last year.

Fox was also down but only had a 15 percent drop in viewers.

Even so, Fox outdrew all of its competitors to remain atop the cable news rankings.

MSNBC is also in trouble, having lost nearly 67 percent of its previous viewers.

What can we take from this?

First, many people are just moving away from cable news as a source of factual information.

Second, viewers of all types finally realize that most mainstream outlets are telling them lies or twisting the truth just before the point of breaking.

Do you still watch cable news?

If so, tell us what your favorite network and/or shows are.

Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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23 Responses

  1. No, I rarely watch network news. I read the Epoch Times and my local newspaper. I find the Epoch Times to be a much more reliable news media than my local newspaper. The Epoch Times clearly indicates what is opinions and keeps the news section to actual facts.

        1. i mainly watch newsmax i still watch fox some but i was glad that Chris Wallace was gone never watch cnn or msnbc or the main media they are liars. What i really enjoy newsmax especiall since they carry Trumps rallys.

  2. When I watch the news I want the news not someone’s opinion of what’s going on. CNN is nothing but fake news they should have been gone a long time ago.

  3. Don’t watch fake Democrats news, all They do is lie lie about everything. Newsmax are fox. DenocRats News station lies as much as Brandon Joe.

  4. I like to watch CNN, NPR, and the other communist news sources to listen to the Dems talking to each other within their bubble. They all say exactly the same things about the GOP wanting to steal elections and destroy democracy, how the Republicans are racist white supremacists, and all the other Dem talking points. It’s actually hilarious because they really don’t have an actual clue about what is REALLY going on. Just like they all say Trump just gave tax breaks to his rich friends (as they all paid lower taxes under Trump).

  5. I watch Newsmax and Fox. They are the only two stations I watch. I knew what a farce of a news program CNN was when I got out of the Navy in 1966 and saw what they were doing to the guys in Viet Nam. Giving away places the troop movements were and twisting the truth even back then. I swore I would never watch them again even back then. As a veteran I deplore their methods and their lies.

  6. There are only a few news networks, Fox, Newsmax and a couple more. CBS, NBC, And ABC along with CNN, MSNBC are all lying networks. You don’t find any truth there.The last five networks listed are democrat insulators and promoters. If you believe in Biden and his crooks you will like those 5 networks. If you believe in America and Americans you will like the first two networks.

  7. OAN is #1 but FOX is a pretty darn close 2nd. They both tell the truth and show the proof. They show people actually debating issues as it should be. Mainstream media wants no debating anything. They just want Americans to blindly believe their lies. I’m so glad people are waking up.

  8. I pretty much rely on Fox to be as straight as any-no msm for me, thank you-I do watch a local station for local news, but they’re so caught up in COVID, I get sooo tired of hearing it!

  9. CNN and MSNBC are not smart enough to realize where they stand, Civil War is inevitable almost none of the News media will survive the first day of the 2nd American Civil war.

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