Communists March Through Heart of Austin, TX

There is a bit of a disturbing trend taking place in Austin, TX.  

Over the last decade or so, the area has been completely taken over by liberals.  

As if that were not bad enough, over the last few months, a communist movement has been gaining grip in the city.  

Commies in the Lone Star State 

As someone that absolutely loves the state of Texas and its history, seeing the images in these videos is beyond disturbing.  

Going back to March, a group supporting abortion marched through downtown Austin… 

It is a safe bet to assume the group is supported by socialist councilmember Greg Casar.  

Now, another video popped up on social media this weekend… 

That video was reportedly from this past Saturday.  

If that is not enough to ring the alarm bell, well, I simply do not know what will do the trick for you.  

Source: Texas Scorecard 

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16 Responses

  1. Communists in Texas !!! It’s time the old west takes charge and does the proper thing !!! Elimination has many meanings !!!

    1. Lock ‘n’ Load?! Wish we could! This is a cancer coming for us. Send these idjits to China!

      1. Better yet..Become wiser about voting.. KNOW who and WHAT YOU VOTE FOR!!! Pay attention as they WILL be running for office hoping no one is paying attention and researching every background THOROUGHLY!!!

  2. this is totally sickening all of the greatest generation these commies would be target practice if they were still here and it would break their hearts to see this trash going on in the country that they loved and taught us to love and respect this is sickening !!!

  3. If the Commies are smart, they’ll stay in Austin, because most of the rest of Texas knows how to solve this problem in one dark night!

  4. Is Austin the= to SF Bay CA only Midwest base
    Very scary
    Arm up Texas, arm up.
    Take stand

  5. Wannabe Communists march in Austin, one of the LEAST affordable cities in the country? Does anybody see the irony in the Texas State Capitol?

  6. This is not a communist country. Move if your unhappy here in the home of the Free and the land of liberty. Move to china then you’ll get the taste of what it’s like living under the Corrupt society.
    Move and stop your ignorance

  7. I think every one of these Communist need to be rounded up and deported to the Communist nation
    of their choice and banned from ever returning to the United States. If they are so gungho for the
    Communist way of life then the stupid idiots should be given the opportunity to live that life for real.

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