Conan O’Brien Announces End of TBS Late Night Show

It took a little while for Conan O’Brien to catch fire in this country, but those flames have now been burning for more than a decade. 

They will go out soon, however, as the popular late-night TV host has announced that his show on TBS will conclude on June 24.  

This will end a very long and successful run of 11 years for Conan.  

Put One Down, Pick One Up 

Even though Conan is retiring from the late-night circuit, he will still be available for his fans.  

After shutting down his TBS show, O’Brien is expected to begin work on an HBO Max weekly show.  

On moving from TBS to the new HBO Max format, O’Brien stated, “Anyway, we’re going to be making this switch.  

“Now some of you are probably wondering why am I doing this? Why end things here at TBS?  

“I’ll tell you that a very old Buddhist monk once told me that to pick something up you must first put something down. 

“I’ll be honest with you; he was drunk out of his skull and very belligerent. I maintain you can pick up two things if you use both hands.  

“He just got mad and started swinging at me, so I ended the conversation and took his advice.” 

For late-night TV fans, O’Brien will be missed, as he was one of the few shows that did not regularly turn his platform into a bashing ground against conservatives.  

Source: Fox News 

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17 Responses

    1. Never did watch his show. I don’t watch any of the late night shows. Many many years ago I use to watch SNL but ever since Odumbo came into the picture SNL just went down hill for me.

  1. SNL is and has always been a program for idiots. Therefore I have never had an interest in watching it. Also real late night talk shows ended when Johnny Carson retired.

  2. Bout time. Another not funny leftist masquerading as a “talk show” host. One down three to go

  3. Saw his show one time. Never liked his weird sense of humor. That hair (do) was ungodly ridiculous! No loss as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Hooray, never saw the show Chap 7 TBS next??
    Or redo rebrand show
    New blood for show?
    Hey use Juan Williams

  5. SO What, is he retiring or did he finally get the fact that NO ONE watches this BS Show, he should take a bunch of the others with him.

  6. All the Late Night TV hosts and yes, also the daytime garbage like the View, should be fired for Hate Mongering. Colbert should be next, and good riddance to ALL of them.

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