Kanye West Concert Canceled After Tucker Carlson Interview

Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, was supposed to have a show at the SoFi center on November 4.

He has upset a few people, however.

First it was his fashion week statement, then he dared to go on Tucker Carlson.

Then he was told via text that his show was canceled.

No Thanks

Ye shared a text message from Niklas Bildstein that stated, “I just got news from Vaughn, that Sofi isn’t available any longer due to inability to staff the event on the current notice.

“I’ve already asked twice to investigate further if there’s anyway to make it happen regardless, but they got back with a firm no.”

During fashion week, he wore a shirt that said, “White Lives Matter.”

Then he did this…

And now he has been effectively canceled.

Source: Fox News