Congress Dips to 27 Percent Approval Rating

If Americans love Democrats so much, why are Joe Biden and Congress taking on so much water?

The latest polls for Joe Biden have him between 38 and 42 percent approval, but the Democrat-controlled Congress is doing even worse.

The latest CNN/SSRS poll found that a mere 27 percent of Americans approve of Congress, which should be fairly disappointing to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

There was no middle ground here, either, as 73 percent disapproved.

Bad Sign?

Democrats are expected to take it on the chin in the House in the upcoming election, but exactly how much do people hold Democrats responsible?

The last few questions in the survey say things may still be bad, but now quite as bad as we think it will.

When asked if their representative should be re-elected, 55 percent said they would vote for re-election.

When broken down by party, 46 percent said Dems deserved to be re-elected, but only 37 percent stated that Republicans should be re-elected.

Those numbers are simply baffling to me, especially when you consider Joe Biden’s polling numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think we will have a monstrous 2022 and take back the House, but these numbers show there is still more to be done in terms of holding Democrats accountable.

We simply cannot assume that we will win back the House because history says it will happen.

If there is anything the last two elections proved to us, it was that nothing can be taken for granted, especially when Democrats are calling the shots right now.

Source: The Hill

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21 Responses

    1. Agree. But if we’re going to impose term limits on our representatives, we must also impose term limits on their aids, secretaries, etc., because they yield a lot of power and will be quite influential. I’m all for it. For America’s sake, it needs to ne done.

    2. Amen Problem is they won’t figure it out. They are not going to cut their money off– Too many Democrats as Governors and they sure as heck won’t let that happen. They are happy just as they are.
      I just read something that makes more sense. Politics: How would you say that means. Well it means
      that Poli is plastic, which means those in charge have nothing but Plastic faces and hearts and minds and tics is a Blood Sucking little creature (Ticks) Sort of says it all. If you ever figured out how much an hour they make, it would make you sick to death. There maybe a few in Congress such as Rand Paul and Ron DeSantis and some other ones that are truly Patriots and truly look out for the Citizens of their State– Other than that, the rest are just Blood Sucking Ticks. They don’t give a darn what you think of them. They are not afraid they will be voted out. They just keep on being stinkers and they love it so much that they know they can’t be defeated. They are paying big time to be re-elected.

    1. Agree. But if we’re going to impose term limits on our representatives, we must also impose term limits on their aids, secretaries, etc., because they yield a lot of power and will be quite influential. I’m all for it. For America’s sake, it needs to ne done.

    1. We absolutely do!!! No doubt the reason biden/harris let all these illegal immigrants walk through the gates is because they intend to have them vote democratic. As far as I’m concerned that’s interference with America’s voting system. Once again.

  1. All the welfare mongers will vote democratic – because they never learn that elections have consequences. Biden promised them he would not raise taxes over 400k. He lied. Again.
    Biden has committed germ warfare on American citizens by releasing over 20k illegal immigrants into our communities – even though he knew they were positive for covid, hepatitis, AIDS, measles, and other diseases. They were released untreated … with a “promise” they would come back for treatment and their hearings. Yeah, that’s going to happen.
    What democrat voters don’t do is read and educate themselves before voting. If they did they would have known that this administration intends to throw them into one of the thousands of government housing projects – to lower their cost of support. Its all there. Read the bill. Also, any Republican who reelects their congressional men and women who vote yes on any portion of this bill, will deserve the world of hurt that this bill – and democrat leaders in general – will inflict on them.

  2. Investigate Pelosi for the inside scoop on stock trading, while her husband is raking in millions, without any loses–Regular stock trading is up and down not going your way all the time.

  3. Replace all of them with Americans who fought for this country, loves God. and respects our heritage and liberties.

  4. I agree with term limits for politicians & their staff. My question is: If you had only a 27% approval rating from your boss at any other job wouldn’t you be fired? Most people forget that we the voters are a politicians boss and through our vote we can fire a bad politician. We have to force the congress to start working for us & not just enriching themselves!

  5. No mail in ballots, only absentee ballots. Everyone knows way in advance when they have to vote. No excuses. People will volunteer to drive you. We need to see who win the elections at the end of the night. Term limits for all of them. They get too comply, too cashy and too crooked.

  6. make voter fraud a death penalty case, or put them in stocks on TV and have rupaul’s drag race cast throw tomatoes at them at beginning of each show for a complete season

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