Consumer Prices Surge… Biden Administration Worried Inflation Kicking In

Is inflation about to destroy the economy?  

Based on the recent consumer index pricing report, all signs report to “yes.” 

Price increases in May were the highest we have seen in 13 years, which, if you recall, was when we saw the country spin out of control under Obama.  

With a 0.6 percent increase over the last month, 0.2 percent higher than expected, all the warning signs are there.  

In fact, Deutsche Bank has issued a formal warning that inflation in the United States could reach 1940 and 1970s levels.  

Our own fed has also issued a warning report, stating, “A lack of preparation for the return of inflation is concerning. Even if some inflation today is transitory, it may feed into expectations as in the 1970s.” 

When you couple this with the lackluster jobs reports we have seen, all the warning signs are there that this country is headed into a massive economic tailspin.  

Investors are already pointing to the next jobs report as a measuring stick. If the trend from the last three months continues, it could very likely trigger a downward swing in the market the likes we have not seen in more than a decade.

Sources: Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business, & The Hill 

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11 Responses

  1. And you can thank all the democrat voters, politicians and policies. Do we not learn anything from history. Oh we do. Thats why the big cheat of 2020.
    No majority wanted biden and his failed party policies.

  2. Biden and all DEMS better get ready for all HELL to visit them and they deserve anything and all they lose for their decisions.

  3. Soros and the globalists are in charge and pulling Biden’s puppet strings along with the Chinese Communists. They are on the path to destroy America, flood our country with illegals and eliminate our borders.

  4. Sleepy JOE screwed everything up! I knew he was not the SMARTEST ONE in government.His BIG stupid mouth always got him in trouble.Calling other people RACISTS when he is one of the BIGGEST ONE!

  5. In the comment above, from Lee: “Carter doesn’t want to be the WORST President ever, any more”
    No Fear about that! Obama (Obuma) took over that “Title” when he was in Office (and since, as well).
    BUT NOW, our “brilliant” POTUS, Biden (BiDumb) has, all by himself, secured THAT Wonderful title for all time.
    So, going DOWN the list as to Worst POTUS EVER; we have CARTER: OBAMA: and in LAST / Bottom place: BiDUMB (aka Biden). What Honors ! ? ! ? ! ?

  6. Biden spells disaster for the country. Who ever voted for Biden they deserve what they get. I hope all of them that voted Biden suffer disaster like no other. So you made your bed alright so sleep in it.

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