Appeals Court Lifts Ban on DOJ Reviewing Trump Documents

The ruling to appoint a Supreme Master to review the documents taken during the Trump raid just took a bit of a hit.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ruled in favor of the DOJ.

While the DOJ cannot access all of the documents, it has been granted access to the 100 or so documents that were already deemed to be classified.

Sorry, Donnie

When Judge Cannon made her initial ruling, it was deemed a win by Trump’s attorneys because it put a temporary halt to the case.

It allowed everyone to take a breath and Trump’s legal team to figure out its approach.

However, the DOJ can move forward on these particular documents to continue preparing its case against Trump.

The court panel ruled, “It is self-evident that the public has a strong interest in ensuring that the storage of the classified records did not result in ‘exceptionally grave damage to the national security.’

“Ascertaining that, necessarily involves reviewing the documents, determining who had access to them and when, and deciding which (if any) sources or methods are compromised.”

I still believe two things on this front…

The first being that Merrick Garland will eventually bring an indictment against Trump.

The second being that as this all plays out, nothing significant will ever come from it other than it being a blackeye against Trump.

I think Trump would be best served to keep his mouth shut because he has made some rather bizarre statements on this matter as of late that make him look a bit foolish.

For instance, during a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Trump seemed to think that even “thinking” a document was declassified made it so.

I do not know anyone that would actually agree with that.

Source: Fox News

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