Market Crashes Early Monday After Three Weeks of Losses

Investors are starting to lose confidence in this administration and the market is a direct reflection of that.

After a brutal week by the Biden administration and some disturbing international news over the weekend, Dow Futures were off before the market opened.

As soon as the opening bell rang, it only got worse, with the Dow down almost 800 points, S&P down more than 100 points, and NASDAQ tumbling more than 400 points as of noon Central on Monday.

Losing Faith

There are numerous reasons investors are clearing their accounts right now.

First, the Federal Reserve announced a two-day session will start on Tuesday.

A result of that meeting could pull stimulus funding while, at the same time, inflation continues to surge.

News out of China regarding the property market also caused a massive sell-off in Asian markets at the beginning of Mondayโ€™s session.

Finally, there is concern over the debt ceiling in our country, an issue that could result in a possible shutdown of the government, as neither side of the aisle seems ready to budge right now.

In the meantime, the market continues to plunge after having already seen three full weeks of setbacks.

Joe Biden is not helping the situation by taking a weekend beach jaunt amid multiple domestic and international crises.

Kamala Harris has also been MIA throughout, which has created even more concern about what will happen if the need arises to remove Biden from office.

Remember that market crash we predicted if Democrats won the White House back in November 2020?

Well, it is happening.

Source: Just the News

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19 Responses

  1. everybody tried telling others about that crooked piece of crap long before the election, I hope everybody who voted for the POS looses everything they have, a hard lesson learned for sure but now everybody has to suffer for some lamed brain idiot that they put in office… a damn shame is what it is… choke on it Pelosi

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  2. Let’s stop talking about what the Biden Administration is doing to our economy and our way of life.Get on the phone and call your representatives in Congress and tell then “VOTE NO FOR 3.5BILLION DOLLAR BILL ON THE FLOOR” of Congress. If we don’t speak up this bill will cost all families more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in taxes.

    1. Wont help if your representative or senator are democrats. You can try but anything said to the left goes in one ear and out the other end or vice versa.

      1. The false democrat senator and rep in Georgia won’t listen to you. They do a tap dance around the mulberry bush but won’t commit to anything. That means we are without representation unless you are a democrat.

      2. Have already sent letters numerous times to our REPUBLICAN representatives. But Burr is planning to retire in 2022 so I guess he doesn’t care what his constituents have to say. I don’t know what’s up with Tillis and others but it’s pretty obvious that once they take office they do what they want. Will be watching them though and vote accordingly next election. Some may be dead men walking. Figuratively of course.

  3. NONE OF THIS IS A SURPRISE. This is the way Demoncrats run things – INTO THE GROUND. WE HAVE A LARGER ISSUE LOOMING ON THE HORIZON: ELECTIONS. We saw the Dems using their cheating in the recall of Godawful Gavin – and son-of-a-gun he won. How many people complained they went to vote and found they had already voted? A LOT, and no-one utters a whisper.!!! C’MON PEOPLE!!!!! THE MIDTERMS ARE COMING UP AND THESE SLEAZEBAGS WILL CHEAT AGAIN!!! You want to talk to your congressman? TALK TO THEM ABOUT ELECTION REFORM NOW!!!!

    1. Well the crash is here we knew it, but Scumlosie and her Fam, N buddies are making Bank, She is the insider trading secrets. Thats why her n Hubby are Prob Billionairs,,

  4. already talked to all mine and they would rather burn congress than vote for that piece of democrat take over bs thank God Tn is a red state.


  6. ๐Ÿ’ŽWork for 2-3 hours in your spare time and ไน‚ใ„– get paid $1150 on your paypal account every weekโ€ฆไน‚ไน‚ไน‚
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  7. I agree that we need to get rid of the democrats in office now but how when the majority in congress is democrat? Surely you donโ€™t think california is going to vote Pelosi out or Schumer,Waters,Schiff Warren or OLD Bernie and Fienstien!!!

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