Charlie Crist Calls DeSantis DeSatan, Then…

It is almost laughable that people can listen to Democrats talk about uniting a country with a straight face.

This week’s blunder came out of the face of Charlie Crist, Governor Ron DeSantis’ Democrat opponent in the gubernatorial election.

The man who claims he wants to unite the state called DeSantis “DeSatan,” then had the audacity to agree with a supporter who called him Christ.


First, Let’s talk about Crist going on record after he won his nomination saying he wanted nothing to do with DeSantis supporters.

Not exactly unifying words.

In the video you are about to watch, he has his nose stuffed so far up Joe Biden’s tail end that it is disgusting.

Crist is also trying to promote Biden as a unifier, even though he just gave what could arguably be called the most divisive speech by anyone who ever had the keys to the White House…

DeSantis rapid response director Christina Pushaw fired right back, stating, “Charlie Crist has always been self-absorbed, but comparing himself to the second coming of Jesus Christ is a new level of bizarre delusion.

“He’s beyond embarrassing — and it’s only September.”

For better or worse, Crist has attached himself to Joe Biden.

I think he will find out in about two months just how bad of an idea it is to do that in Florida.

Sources: Daily Caller & Breitbart

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11 Responses

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  2. Crist was an ineffective governor years ago, and he’s only gotten worse. He doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance on a sunny beach in Florida.

  3. The only way, he could possibly win as Governor in Florida, would be by Cheating, as they did before in 2020. Desantis is a great Governor and most everyone is very happy with him. He kept Florida open during Covid. Supplied medications, businesses open, schools open. If they cheat again, Florida would become another California.

  4. Charlie Crist is nothing but a low life lieing politician. The only votes he may get will be from the jerks who migrated from New York to Florida to get away from the mess they made of their own state.

    I hope the people of Florida run the New Yorkers out of their state. They ruined New York and will ruin any place they move to.

    We don’t want any of them in Missouri and that’s for sure.

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