Crist Wins Florida Democrat Primary, Rants Against DeSantis Supporters

How can you talk about unity in one breath and tell people to piss off with the second?

That is literally what former Republican and current Democrat Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist did.

He has nothing to say to DeSantis supporters, telling them, “I don’t want your vote.”

He Should

Well, Mr. Christ, I have news for you… then you are going to lose.

In the latest polling numbers, DeSantis is up 50-43 in a head-to-head.

That was before the primary, so those numbers will surely change now that the field has been set.

Regardless, one would think Crist would have a welcoming message if he is running on a unity platform, but this is what he had to say to Floridians…

Am I wrong, or did he literally call half the state bad people?

I want to see DeSantis clean this dude’s clock, big time.

Crist also went for the usual Democrat game plan, attacking DeSantis’ character with false claims.

He stated, “The guy is anti-democracy, I’ll be pro-democracy, he’s anti-women, I’ll be pro-women.

“He’s anti-African American. I’m pro-African American, I’m pro-Floridian. And he’s against Florida.”

Then he immediately attached himself to Joe Biden’s coattails, stating, “President Biden, I think, is an amazing man.

“And I can’t wait till he comes to the Sunshine State.

“And I know that he will. I know he will because he’s a good man.”

That is a visit I am looking forward to seeing as well, as I cannot wait to see the streets lined with Trump and DeSantis supporters telling Biden to get out of their state.

Source: Fox News

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8 Responses

  1. What we’ve become accustom to, talking out of their A****HOLES!!! NO sense what so ever!! Tsk tsk what a disgrace.

  2. Florida better be careful as we know Democraps will try best to use fraud to win an election. Be sure to check all the boxes for safe voting.

  3. What a condescending A**H*le. This man is delusional. PERIOD. I would call anyone who votes for this moron CRAZY.

  4. Voters have to realize they are going to be bombarded in the next two months with thousands of TV commercials promoting Democratic lies. Just remember what happened in the past two years. who shut down the country, with a virus scare. What crushed small businesses. Who turned our country from energy independence and $2 gas to a nation begging oil producing dictatorships to give us energy. Who has created grocery shortages. And who has caused the price of everything to skyrocket. Who has attacked parents for standing up for their children’s education. Voters don’t let a 30 second Dem TV commercial make you forget.

  5. And we, Floridian do not need you Crist. Get out of our free state. Once we were under your rules, that is enough!

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