Critics Slam Biden After ‘Total Disaster’ of Press Conference

Joe Biden’s press conference on Wednesday was hardly a success.

If you listen to Biden’s supporters, all they could do was gush over the fact that Biden actually showed up for questions.

Those with a more reasonable outlook, however, saw what really happened and had no problem blasting Biden for the fiasco.

Really, Joe?

I got about as far as Joe Biden saying that he has far exceeded expectations during his first year in office.

That was hardly the worst moment of the presser, however.

One of Biden’s more significant mistakes was in giving Russia the green light to attack Ukraine.

Biden was discussing these mysterious measures the United States will take if Russia outright invades Ukraine, but he tempered that with a remark about a “minor incursion,” which sent his critics ballistic…

When Biden was asking about overpromising and underperforming, he responded, as noted above, by saying he probably did better than most people thought he would.

Again, social media blew up…

When Biden was called out for his divisive Georgia voting rights speech, well, that was the moment I had personally been waiting for.

Biden lost his temper a bit, scolding reporter Phillip Wegmann from Real Clear Politics.

It was a moment that was immediately noticed…

While the mainstream media promised to hit Biden hard, they did the exact opposite.

For instance, one reporter used his time to ask Biden if Kamala Harris would be his running mate, utterly ridiculous when you consider the issues we really care about.

So, keep in mind, this was only Biden’s second major presser and the first time in about 10 months that he has held one, yet this is how one reporter covered it…

Let’s also not forget that Biden disappeared from the public on Friday and was barely seen for the next five days to get ready for this presser.

I am sure Joe got plenty of sleep and every waking hour was spent prepping him for this, which Dana Loesch noted…

I do not understand how anyone could have watched Biden’s litany of rambling statements and lies and not graded this a failure.

But the media was just as much to blame, especially concerning follow-up questions, a point made by former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany…

How would you grade Biden’s press conference performance?

Did he evoke more confidence in you or are you now more worried than ever?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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36 Responses

  1. How would I grade Biden’s performance in this press conference? Like all the rest of his waking days. He is an fing moron. #FJB

  2. It actually brings a tear to the eye watching this demented old man try to pretend he’s presidential. He lives in a protected bubble and has no real conception of the vast amount of damage that he’s done already.

  3. Why did ge bother he will have to go to Delaware fora rest this weekend or has he all ready gone as he doesn’t spend much time in White House I think he said he works 12/14 hour who are you kidding

  4. I have no confidense in Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. I am very concerned for the United States.
    His handling of of foreign affairs has been a failure, his leadship is horrible he is incompatant.
    I leaningto beleive that the election was stolen.

  5. Dementia Joe had never overpreformed in his whole life. He’s a walking disaster although he can hardly walk.

    1. I really have to chuckle, when he cameras outside the White House pan on biden jogging out to his helicopter, trying to look like a young man! What a joke.

  6. He did much better than any 6th grader. His party should be overjoyed that they chose such an intelligent person to run the greatest country in the world into to the pits of humanity.
    I give him an A+ for stupidity and an F~ for intelligence.

  7. Between Biden’s Georgia speech and his presser people must realize we need President Trump back in office in 2024. The reporters are a disgrace with their softball questions with no meat behind any of their stupid questions. Biden is a disaster and the entire Democratic Congress is a joke. Racism, bigotry and hate is their only retort to everything

  8. Biden is so boring & is a total failure; why listen to the rumblings? Just looking at his contorted face on TV & all his failures : nobody is discussing politics at home these days because of the above; why bother?We are going to the wolves. The U.S is now the second Babylon.

  9. Personally, I think you in the GOP. investigative journalist and supposedly journalist; should be watching BIDEN and his Administration with “EYES WIDE OPEN” They are using this Russia invasion to hide what they are doing behind the SCENES!! So PLEASE be on your toes and WATCH these sneaky, slimy DEMS !!!!!!

  10. How anyone can look at this presser and think this man is mentally capable of walking let alone running the greatest country in the world,has to be as demented as he is or crazy. The man has been nothing but a failure from the very start. Just look at the economy gas prices are at the highest level in 40 years shelves in major stores are empty and give Russian the green light to invade it’s neighbor. The man is a complete failure and should be removed before he and the Democrats destroy our country.

  11. You know, folks, it is wayyyyy past time to be honest with Joe Biden about all his many failures, what the polls tell anout his lack of popularity, what the biggest share of Americans now think of him, etc. Much as I dislike his lack of leadership, I feel sorry for the man because he has been a puppet from the beginning of this term in office. My husband had Alzheimers that took almost ten years to manifest into full blown dementia. So I do know the symptoms that occur in the disease progression. And Joe definitely fits that mold. And HE is the one sitting in the Oval Office pretending to run this country? He is being mocked, made fun of, and being bombarded with insults from around the world. He has made America the laughing stock of the world! That should worry every red blooded American who truly cares about this country. Stop babying Joe Biden and give him a heads-up to let him know the truth about his image before his public!
    We surely owe him and the public that before he totally ruins what we knew as life in America!

    1. It is SAS that not one reporter had the common sense and strength to ask Biden “What do you say to the many people who are saying that you have failed in everything you have done as President?”.

  12. these greedy liberals r the most dangerus and greedy they sell our country out only to get more richt these traitors
    sold us to china and if u don’t wake up it will b to late a 6 year old could put this togetherfacui on tape saying he will have gain of function by 2017 trump wins he interuped the traitors money plans they knew he would b relected china owns halfte people and property hear trump got in the way and put america first and kept all his promises
    u may not like him but he is the first to put the american people first dems run on nothing but race and hate that;s not who we r dems hates black, latno, asians they use u to win they have nthing else to offer these traitors have no right to spend our money get rich scandals sellingour country out then felon flloyd dies covid from china u can’t say it isn’t a rocket science they mail in ballots, harvest they created this pandemic for power they hate us let’s have some pay back


  14. Let’s see what he does if Russia attacks the Ukraine. Economic “push back” ???? He just allowed the Russians to pump natural gas to Germany. So… he’s going to piss-off one of our allies by cutting off their gas supply ???

    I wonder if he last brain cell ever gets lonely.

  15. Because of this outrageous administration, I haven’t watched the news on TV, since the inauguration. It is so humiliating to have to watch such dribble. People, wake up and vote wisely in Nov.. If you don’t, this Republic is in deep trouble. I’m very disappointed about this past years lack of integrity.

  16. Biden cheated to get there, he’s an absolute failure… and, the entire world knows it… His days are numbered in the WH. The Truth Shall eventually Prevail! “Oh what tangled webs we weave…”

  17. He is a total failure. If his wife is really a professor at a college????she has got to realize how Joe is being treated. How dunb can she be???

  18. The VERY FIRST order of business for Republicans when they take back the house AND the senate in November is to IMPEACH this ditzy/senile old fool AND his cacklin’comrade down the hall—these two have done so much damage to our beloved America, I’m TERRIFIED that we won’t EVER be able to put it back together—and they’ve achieved this destruction in ONE YEAR—just IMAGINE what they’d do if given another three !!~!~!

    1. I take it the cackling comrade down the hall is none other then “hyena Harris “. That cracks me up! I laughed so hard when I read that. You really nailed it with that description. She is a real cartoon character. She’ll be the one history will remember as the biggest mistake out side of Biden this country has ever made.

  19. I didn’t watch because I know about half way through l would want to throw up. So way would l up set myself by watching him lie to us. He hasn’t do anything to help this country since he got into office. The far left should stick him in a corner with dunce hat and be done with it. He’s nothing but parrot for the far left anyway. There isn’t any gray matter in his brain that works anymore.

  20. Absolutely NO GRAY Matter between his ears. Frankly, I’m glad to see him come on with his babbling, it gives me time for a bathroom break and a run on the kitchen to get a snack and get my stomach medication so I won’t throw it up.

  21. he just makes everyone sad we the people hear him we just get so frustrated that we cant do something about him he has to be impeached 3 more years would ruin our country forever that needs to be the first thing the Republicans do is get a backbone and take the democrats down when they get control of the house and senate and please get rid of these people running the state department and defense department.

  22. I think Joe Biden did the best he could in the capacity of a mentally ill older person.
    All his corrupted, heartless handlers are to blame, including his “beloved” wife!

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