DA Speaks: Fetterman Lone Vote to Free Murderer

The skeletons are starting to come out of the closet for John Fetterman.

Even though he tries to portray himself as a tough-on-crime candidate, Fetterman would love to open PAs prison doors and let everyone roam free.

The more we dig, the more we realize just how much of a radical he really is.

A DA has come forward with more details about Fetterman on this front.

Predetermined Agenda

Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub is now telling stories about the “real” John Fetterman.

John David Brookins is in jail for first-degree murder for the 1990 murder of his girlfriend’s mother, Sharon Ginsberg.

When Ginsberg was found, she had a pair of scissors lodged in her chest.

I lived in PA at the time and remember the case very well.

Not only was Ginsberg stabbed, but the autopsy found that she was likely beaten very badly as well as strangled.

Fetterman, who oversees the PA Board of Pardons, granted Brookins a hearing in March 2021.

Fetterman conceded that Brookins’ testimony was weak during the hearing, but then he stated that because of good behavior, Brookins having a degree in horticulture, and the fact that he taught yoga, “That doesn’t square with me.”

Contrary to the evidence, Fetterman did not believe Brookins could commit the crime, so he voted to give Brookins clemency.

Thankfully, he was the only person that cast a vote in favor.

DA Weintraub blasted Fetterman, stating, “It seemed to me that he had a predetermined agenda to try to get this guy released without listening to anything anybody had to say about it beforehand.

“I started my remarks by saying that this is an important case for us, for the victims, for the survivors, for the citizens of Buncombe County to get some finality in this case, and I said I would hope that the members of this pardons board not have not prejudged this case.

“He took an insult to that and then I responded and said, ‘Well, I have a tweet from you, Mr. Fetterman, from a month before this hearing that presupposed that Brookins was innocent and should be released from jail, and that was my concern.’

“And he really got upset about that.

“This was on a Zoom call, and he shut off his screen. It was the equivalent of a child in a child’s game taking his ball and going home.”

Fetterman had tweeted about having Brookins freed in May 2020…

Fetterman’s track record is that he seems to believe every criminal that tells him he is innocent.

Their word turns the narrative to “a crime they did not commit.”

Fetterman is an extreme activist who cannot be permitted to take office.

We must expose this man for what he truly is.

Source: Fox News

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29 Responses

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  3. This guy can’t even support himself and never held a job and people really want to vote for him. When he releases all the jails, I want the criminals delivered to everyone who voted for him

      1. That sounds like a wonderful idea BUT….
        When one already sold their souls
        Nothing can be done for them to change
        Except praying for them and blessing them

    1. Most of the voters in this country do not even pay attention to what they are doing. they have voted these criminals into office over and over again. Now it seems many are angry at how the very people they put into office are ruining the country. Did they bother to see what these candidates stood for before they voted or was it just party line voting.

      1. They never bother to see what any of these communists stand for. Fetterman can’t even get out one coherent message but his blind followers applaud him. Can anyone possibly say that they agree with his releasing all criminals, totally destroying the energy sector and millions of jobs along with it and increasing taxes once again. These are his proposals and he is leading in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately my sister lives there and says they will probably have to move when this mentally deficient person that has never worked for a living but is a millionaire gets into office.

          1. Yes I think he has prolapsed brain tissue and that’s why he can’t even coordinate his sentences. Please don’t say that to the liberals because they will say that you are just being hateful and disregard the fact that they hate conservatives and want to attack them every chance they get.

    1. Any American, who would even consider voting for Fetterman or Biden, belong in a mental facility with these 2 Dementia anti-American.

  4. That is his brain leaking out of his neck or a lypoma. Or cyst. Let the halfway house for those he lets out be at his place. Every criminal never does it…

  5. If the people of PA elect this Fetterman idiot to the congress, it is a clear signal that PA is now a state of total morons just like California, New York, Illinois and the other blue states.

    1. I second that. Unfortunately people who are not liberal extremists will have to suffer or move out just like what has been happening in CA, and NY. Imagine that the people in CA have been going to Mexico to buy their groceries and other items for the house because of the extremely high prices in their state but they complain about it and continue to vote for these leaders who are pushing them to the edge of extinction. I think sooner or later there will only be illegals in CA but one question: Who is going to pay for Newsom’s salary?

  6. As always the democrats do not care about the people , They have body guards that protect them. But the Democrats want to take away our guns so we can not protect our Family or ourselves . Democrats just want to let Criminals run free. They live in their fancy houses and have a wall all around it . Then they have Guards with guns that protect them. Democrats need a total change of their views ,

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