DC Mayor Declares Public Emergency of Bussed Migrants

Texas Governor Greg Abbott started sending illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities to make a statement.

He wanted the country to better understand the crisis at the Texas border.

Well, he has done that and more.

The Trap

When you look at the number of migrants Abbott sent, collectively, it is probably not even two days of what Texas sees.

DC has received the most thus far, receiving about 9,400 illegals since Abbott started busing them out of Texas.

These days, a slow day is about 6,000 migrants at the border, yet DC Mayor Bowser is now declaring a public emergency over their arrival.

She stated, “This is what we know. The crisis at the border is not lessening. It’s getting worse.”

That one word, “crisis,” the word the Biden administration refuses to use, just came out of her mouth, which makes this a huge win for Abbott.

Washington DC Councilmember Brianne Nadeau added, “In many ways, the governors of Texas and Arizona have turned us into a border town.

“We don’t know how long this will take to resolve. We don’t know how long they will continue bussing.”

Actually, no, he has not.

If he did, you would be getting that amount every day.

But at least you are finally realizing this issue needs to get controlled quickly.

Source: New York Post

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9 Responses

    1. But do we want Kamala Harris as president? I think she needs to be gone to, but do we want Pelosi? Oh my Hid, no!

  1. Mayor:
    Just look at them as gifts from Joey
    at 1600 amd his So Called border Czar
    Hyena Harris just wait until they can’t
    find work and resort to crime to make
    a living.!Like we would say in the Nam
    ” ‘Xin Loi’ Get over it.!

  2. You can thank Joe and the Democrat party for your bus loads of immigrants. The states on the southern border have been dealing with this as well as increased drug trafficking, rapes, many deaths, medical issues and other issues too many to mention. These immigrants will also cause more educational costs all over the country.

  3. I think by “Emergency” she means DC needs a much larger daily delivery of illegals. She, like GoryLori, want their sanctuaries to be actual sanctuaries. So, let’s help them achieve their Democrat ideals.

  4. DC mayor needs to pull her proverbial head out of her backside and stop complaining about what Gov. Abbot is doing and try to do something to correct the problem at the border. She is just like all the other Democrats and does not understand good common sense…..

  5. Yo mayor,
    You have your good buddy Joey @ 1600 Penn. Ave to thank for your gifts. Why don’t you send him a nice thank you card?

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