DC Mayor ‘Extremely Concerned’ About Biden Safety During Inauguration

Democrats are continuing to milk the Capitol riot for every drop of press they can get.

According to reports, numerous books are in the works, Pelosi is doing “60 Minutes” interviews about her harrowing escape, and AOC is telling the media that half the House almost lost their lives.

The DC Mayor is on the same page, expressing extreme concern for the safety of Joe Biden during his inauguration.

Continued Threat

Mayor Bowser is making the plea to the Department of Homeland Security to beef up security during Biden’s inauguration.

She wrote, “We believe strongly that the 59th Presidential Inauguration on January 20 will require a very different approach than previous inaugurations given the chaos, injury and death experienced at the United States Capitol during the insurrection.”

Pouring It On

This narrative is now being pushed up and down the Hill by the left.

Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stated, “The threat of violent extremist groups remains high and the next few weeks are critical in our democratic process with the upcoming inauguration at the U.S. Capitol to swear in President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.”

He added, “Given that the same incendiary, dangerous rhetoric online that occurred before Jan. 6, which proved to be a warning of the insurrectionist attack, has only escalated since, I impressed upon Director Wray the vitalness of the FBI to work with other federal and state agencies to remain highly proactive and extremely vigilant to defend our democracy.”

AOC has also gone on the attack, calling out the Capitol Police for being completely unprepared for the possibility of violence.

She stated, “We need to review what actually happened on Wednesday, the National Guard was requested by the D.C. Council and was rejected.

“We are talking about and we are hearing about a complete and utter lack of preparation.”

That riot gave Democrats everything they needed to make their move and the media is buying everything they are selling right now.

Sadly, it is doubtful this rhetoric will die down anytime soon, as Democrats are now in a full-court press to implement everything they have been dreaming about since Obama left office.

Source: Fox News

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