DC Police Officer Charged with Murder

On October 23, 2020, Karon Hylton-Brown, 20, was pursued by officers while driving a moped.

Hylton-Brown was spotted by Officer Terence Sutton without the proper headgear.

This led to a high-speed chase in residential areas.

According to reports, Sutton, at times, was traveling at a rate twice the speed limit during the chase.

Hylton-Brown was eventually hit by another civilian vehicle during the chase.

The collision resulted in head trauma, and Hylton-Brown died two days later.

High-speed chases are barred by DC police, and now Sutton is being charged with murder for his role in Hylton-Brown’s death.

The indictment states, “Sutton denied engaging in a vehicular pursuit of Hylton-Brown, Zabavsky withheld all information about his involvement in the incident, and both officers omitted any mention of Hylton-Brown’s serious injuries.

“Because of their misleading account, no investigation by other MPD components, including MCS and IAD, was initiated at that time.”

So, let’s hear what you guys think about this. Does the fault lie with the officer for ignoring pursuit rules or does the fault lie with the “victim” for not simply complying with officers and pulling over?

Source: Fox News

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22 Responses

  1. I feel like the fault lies with Hylton-Brown for nor pulling over. As with most cases of someone’s death dealing with the police in most cases its because they fail to follow the officer’s orders in most cases.

  2. Helton/Browb! If he had obeyed the law and pulled over for the officer he would be alive today! The officer should NOT be charged with murder!

    1. I agree, the death was that persons own fault. why didn’t she stop? did she have something to hide?
      of course as usual blame the police for doing there job. He didn’t murder her she murdered herself by being stupid and running. It would be nice if our justice system worked for us and not the criminal. That police officer needs to be released and returned to his family. Stop blaming the police for public stupity

  3. Definition of stupid: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Case in point: Flashing red lights and siren behind you. You don’t stop. You “run away.” The chase ensues. You die because of the chase. Whose fault was Your death – YOUR Own. Running from LEO is STUPID. It never bodes well for the person who fails to comply with the request to pull over and find out what is wanted by LEO. Death is a compete waste of anyone’s life. Sure, if I have a rap sheet a mile long, I’d probably want to mitigate what else was going on that sheet and would make sure that my death didn’t occur because of being STUPID. The fact that DC has STUPIDS in government there is shown by their disregard of common sense. nuf said.

  4. The victim in this case would be the officer. Brown should have stopped when told to. And I am sure the other person that hit or was hit by Brown is also a victim. It is against the law to run from an officer of the law. If the runner gets killed or hurt in the chase it is his fault, because he caused the accident,
    by evading an officer of the law. He( Brown) should be jailed and prosecuted and charge with causing an auto accident and causing harm to another person in the process

  5. This police officer should be commended for doing his job. The man died because he was being stupid running from the police. I agree, he should have pulled over. It never pays to run from law enforcement.

  6. As much as I think DC is a swamp for bad things to happen. I think the officer was correct in attempting to arrest the criminal. You should not pick and choose what laws are to be prosecuted.

  7. Mopeds are usually referred to as VIP vehicles, Very Intoxicated Person. They are usually bought by people that have had their drivers licenses taken away from them and aren’t allowed to drive anything else. Most of those people are habitual offenders and just aren’t safe behind the wheel of a car. I found it funny, that the man was able to speed around twice at the speed limit. Most speed limits are about 25 mph. What did he do that made the moped able to run 50 mph? Mopeds only run around 35 mph, and have to have a license to have a motor over 50 cc. If the man was able to run that fast, he should have had to have a helmet. Any motorcycle rider has to have one and he is endangering others, if he was intoxicated at the time. A person like this should not have any access to any motor vehicle. If he didn’t want to stop for the cops for a minor infraction, the cops can’t be blamed for basic stupidity.

  8. Then for every American citizen that is burglarized, raped or killed by an illegal crossing the Mexico boarder, Biden and ALL of his circus needs to be charged.

  9. Wow the ignorance of the DA’s and AG’s Soros has Paid to elect know no bounds. A person fleeing from the police dies, who’s at fault? Anyone with half a Brain would say it’s the person fleeing fault. But as I said anyone with half a brain, those people Soros put in office have no brains at all

    1. I agree with you fully!!! They can’t get elected own their own so they sell their souls to that evil man and he buys them the seat!!! Just look at Pelosi,Schumer,Waters,Warren,hillary and that wonderful judge in St.Louis.!!!

  10. As with all runners it’s their fault when they break the law and get killed or maimed it’s their own fault!!!
    That police officer should be praised and receive a raise!!! But of course with the current administration,that is against law enforcement this is what happens!!!

  11. When someone refuses to pull over and deal with a police officer there usually is a reason and the officer is right to persue.

  12. The Mo-Ped driver had the option and obligation to stop for the Officer but failed to do so. Guilt is on the operator of the Mo-Ped.

  13. There is enough blame here to go around. Is the offense of not having proper “headgear” serious enough to
    endanger the lives of the perpetrator and other citizens by chasing the offender? While I do realize that it was
    a violation of the law I don’t think it was serious enough to warrant the chance of someone being seriously injured
    during the chase.

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