DE Supreme Court Rules Against New Voting Rules

Joe Biden and Democrats took one on the chin courtesy of the Delaware Supreme Court.

All those new voting rules they were trying to implement before the election were shot down.


Because they violated the state constitution.

Power Move

We saw this during the pandemic.

Democrats want to remove safeguards in place to stop voter fraud.

They do this even though it is not legal.

In this case, it takes an amendment to change voting laws, but the Democrat dominated legislature decided it would just pass laws instead.

They went this route because they did not have the two-thirds support needed for an amendment.

So, the same-day voter registration is gone.

So is the universal vote by mail.

Jane Brady, state GOP chair and former attorney general, stated she was “very pleased that the court upheld the language of the constitution.

“This is a win for the rule of law.”

The Governor’s office was disappointed, trying to lay a guilt trip on the court, but it was Democrats that attempted to circumvent the law, not the GOP.

Source: Fox News