Boxing Legend Ernie Shavers Dead at 78

The sports world has lost yet another iconic figure of the glory days of boxing.

Ernie Shavers, who accumulated an amazing 68 knockouts during his career, has passed away.

Shavers was 78 years old.

The Power Puncher

Shavers’ success was only limited in the fact that he came along when the titans of the sport were in their prime.

Shavers had an epic 15-round fight with Muhammad Ali in 1977.

They were fighting for the World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association heavyweight championship titles.

Ali won the fight unanimously.

Two years later, he would have another epic battle with Larry Holmes.

Shavers lost that fight by TKO in the 11th round.

However, Shavers had everyone thinking upset in the 7th when he put Holmes down on the canvas.

Former New York State Athletic Commissioner Randy Gordon stated, “He was one of the nicest guys in the world, until he got into the ring and tried to take your head off.”

Shavers was only one day removed from his birthday when he passed.

He was truly one of the biggest names of the sport that has long since turned corrupt as well as a style we don’t see anymore.

Rest in peace, Ernie.

Source: Daily Caller

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  1. Ernie Shavers was an awesome man. He was in our neighborhood, checking on some heavy machinery that he owned. Word got got out that Ernie was in the Golden Gate parking lot & every kid in our neighborhood bum rushed him. He signed anything & everything that we asked. He was a kind, gentle man outside of the ring!

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