Investigative Journalist Stabbed to Death in Las Vegas

Sunday morning, we woke up to the news that a top investigative journalist had been murdered.

Police discovered longtime Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German outside of his home dead.

He had been stabbed to death.

Shocking Death

According to police, German may have been involved in a skirmish outside his home Friday, possibly leading up to the stabbing.

LVMPD stated, “LVMPD enacted its major case protocol Saturday in the homicide investigation.

“This brings together a variety of resources to maximize the investigative effort and apply a sense of urgency to the apprehension of the suspect.

“We are pursuing a suspect, but the suspect is outstanding.”

German’s Executive Editor, Glenn Cook, stated, “The Review-Journal family is devastated to lose Jeff.

“He was the gold standard of the news business.

“It’s hard to imagine what Las Vegas would be like today without his many years of shining a bright light on dark places.”

German was 69 years old.

Source: Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. Killing can happen anywhere to any one of any age. How can people feel safe when murderers are caught and released in less than 24 hours?
    Can we keep living in this toxic environment? Does it need to be changed? If it’s a yes, let’s stay above party and diversity, to think about the future of this country and its We The People. Value your vote!

  2. Adam’s and Bragg in NYC complain about increased murders and wonder why. But don’t think releasing convicted felons back into society is a factor. And now Adam’s/ Hochel’s gun free zones in time square and the subways tell felons where the east targets will be. I believe and IQ test is warranted.

  3. Ban Guns and knives and possibly forks . but release the users on bail as soon as they are booked so they can do it again , ignorance abounds in the USA There is no restraint because there is no punishment STUPID!

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