Kansas Democrat Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

The Kansas political scene was completely shaken up this weekend after the arrest of one of its state House members.

Coleman, who is only 21 years old, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of DUI.

Now many members of his party are calling for him to step down.

He’s a Problem

Coleman first entered the political arena in 2017, running for governor after dropping out of high school.

In 2020, he took on Democrat incumbent Stan Frownfelter and pulled off a massive upset, winning office at the age of 19.

Voters clearly did not do their due diligence on him, however.

Coleman, for being such a young man, has a rather dark history behind him.

He has admitted to creating revenge porn while in middle school at the age of 12.

He has also admitted to extortion, bullying, and threatening physical violence.

One local publication stated that he has been arrested and charged for threatening a girl in high school at the age of 14.

He allegedly threatened to shoot the girl, then turn the gun on himself.

In 2019, his ex-girlfriend accused him of choking and slapping her.

The list of controversies continues, including threats against his political opponents.

With this DUI arrest, his colleagues have finally said enough.

Tom Sawyer, the Democratic minority leader, stated, “For the sake of the state of Kansas, his constituents, and himself, he should resign and concentrate on getting the help he badly needs.

“The stress of the legislature is not a healthy environment for someone in this mental state.”

Governor Laura Kelly, also a Democrat, is demanding that Coleman step down, stating that this is “further evidence that he is not fit to serve.”

We agree, but we also have to ask how the party got behind this kid in the first place with such an ugly past.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

    1. Appears to be true! So many of them are such deviate people and the worst part is those who elect them without understanding who they are voting for. Look at the idiots Biden is putting in charge of government departments! Shameful and threatening to the rest of us. I cannot see us getting through this fraud president’s tenure without some civil war and the Dems seem to be wanting to create such an event.

    2. Shame we won’t read in the paper that brat didn’t drive into a phone pole, a wall, or over a cliff while drunk. Unfortunately, this problem didn’t solve itself.

  1. In other words, he’s the perfect democrat and a credit to his party. This is also a perfect reason for raising the voting age not only back to 21, but perhaps making it 25 when the “experts” say our brain is fully formed.

  2. Lori Lightfoot would “embrace” him , only if he were a she . “He” would fit in nicely in Chicago , where the air is stagnant , the politics dirty , and they don’t “care for nuttin’ for the de POlice” , and so he be alright wid Mz Lightfoot, cause she hate the law , she hate the country , she hate the white man , she HATE .
    So, when will the “left” come out of their stupor? You can only drink so much of the KOOL-AIDE , before your liver explodes PEOPLE !

  3. Now they decided he’s unfit for office? This goes to show how uninformed most people who support the Democrats are. What the hell were they thinking electing a 19-year-old who dropped out of high school to any position in government? How was he even eligible to run? You can’t even get a good job without a diploma but apparently you can work in government if you’re a Democrat. Ridiculous!! Democrats set such low standards it’s no wonder our country is going to sh*t. Let’s go Brandon and his whole administration!

  4. It appears the young Mr Coleman meets all the basic requirements to be a Real Liberal Democrap! Given a little more time he surely could qualify as a Real Criminal and serve in the Criminal Enterprise call the U>S> CONGRESS!!!!!

  5. Great for the Democratic party. He’ll fit right in perfectly. That’s what you get wanting a Demon-crat for office.

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