Democrat Insider Caught Red-Handed Helping Chinese

At least one House Democratic aide is getting exactly what she deserves:


Terminated in a professional sense. No, that doesn’t mean a career hitman is after her, it means that she lost her job.

While that’s surely less of a bummer than getting killed, it’s certainly no picnic when that job was one on Capitol Hill.

Barbara Hamlett was a three-decade veteran of Capitol Hill. That means I would have thought she’d known better by now. She’s not anymore, being fired after “it was found that she had reportedly been working to arrange meetings with U.S. representatives on behalf of purported ‘friends’ of hers at the Chinese Embassy.”

As a result, she’s been dismissed from the office of Democratic Representative Don Beyer.

According to National Review, Hamlett “sent emails to, placed phone calls to, and even showed up at the offices of other congressional staffers in order to invite them to meetings with Chinese embassy staff.” The magazine claimed to have been tipped off by “congressional sources,” whatever that means.

One of their sources claimed that Hamlett “engaged in highly inappropriate behavior to facilitate interactions between the embassy and congressional offices on foreign-policy and national-security matters.” It should be noted, however, that in her role, Hamlett may not have had access to sensitive national security information.

Beyer reportedly “had no inkling of this staffer’s actions and acted promptly upon learning of them.”

Of course, that’s what anyone in his situation would say.

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