Democrat Uber-Progressive Policies Directly Tied to Wisconsin Tragedy

This past weekend, Darrell Brooks Jr. allegedly drove through a parade hitting dozens of people.

According to the most recent reports, this was not an accident, as it appears Brooks allegedly wanted to take out as many people as possible.

The only reason Brooks was on the street that day was because of progressively aggressive bail programs, all put in place by Democrats.

Helping Criminals

Democrats have made bail all about race, insisting that people of color are stuck in prisons because they cannot afford bail after they commit a crime, any crime.

So, after you digest that, consider liberal DAs, many of them funded by George Soros, have been putting no bail or low bail policies in place.

Even more amazing is that in Wisconsin, the DA that put this program in place “guaranteed” that someone would get out and commit murder, but he said that should not scrap the program.

Betsy Brantner Smith, a retired police sergeant and spokesperson for the National Police Association, stated, “These extremely liberal prosecutors who want to talk about restorative justice, and what that means is, is that we are putting the public in danger by trying to give these people too many opportunities to re-offend.

“It’s incredibly frustrating for law enforcement, and it’s just absolutely dangerous for our communities.”

Brooks was one such person…

Brantner Smith added, “When we arrest somebody, especially for a violent crime, and they’re out almost immediately and then they re-offend — that wears on the absolute soul of police officers.”

Fox News also discussed this problem…

Democrats may feel as though innocent lives lost are worth the price of putting criminals back on the street, but I can assure the majority of America does not.

These programs need to be halted ASAP.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

    1. Say your prayers daily that George soros and other financiers backing election of these corrupt public officials get what is coming to them from our good Lord. I pray daily I will read in the paper these corrupt individuals and their financiers get a good heart attack, stroke, cancer, plane crash, or get run over by a drunk/drugged illegal alien driver. There is no redemption for this scale of corruption.

  1. There are only two things I can think of that will make these uber liberal DA’s and Judges reconsider their thinking about EASY RELEASE of criminals. The first is if someone in THEIR FAMILY is harmed by one of these cretins. The second is a GOOD FORCEFUL KNUCKE SANDWICH delivered by a family member of a common citizen that has been harmed or killed by one of the E-Z released criminals. REPEAT #2 AS OFTEN AS NECESSARY until they get the message.

  2. This is a horrific and senseless act that could have been avoided!
    They have to realize that some people can be helped and others can’t, but everyone should be punished for doing wrong and breaking laws.
    Nothing opens eyes like having the same experience happening to you. I pray they will see how wrong they are without experiencing the heartache themselves.

  3. If known and can prove Soros or any one is making money available to get these violent criminals out of jail and back on the street they should be financially liable for all damages including victum death as a result of their furnishing the resource making it possible for this to occur . Wrongful death responsibility?

  4. I am currently staying up to date on local issues. BUT – this is relatable – as far as racism goes. Just today the news is swamped with the Aubrey murder. The jury found the 3 defendants GUILTY! 12 white, only 1 black person on the jury yet justice was served.

    The jury is right! This kid was unarmed, harmless, with no priors, and just out for a jog! These guys hunted him down and killed him just because he was black. As a sideline – the ‘previous’ DA (Jackie Johnson – look her up) was dismissed and brought up on charges for NOT prosecuting this case. I believe she has since been disbarred. This is shamefully proof that racism exists, but not to the degree the msm or leftists project. I live here locally, within 50-55 miles away, and I have to truly say that there are no beliefs, standards, or mandates in my life that could cause me to defend such reprehensible and evil behavior. My own belief is that racism is a tool used by libs/dems to keep us divided – NOT united. When was the last time you were helped by the dnc (dems/libs)? Check into that question, it’s more about what we believe – NOT what they tell us in the daily news mantra of “here’s what you need to know”! Are you so dumb that someone has to tell you what you need to know? Then live with what you voted for and probably what you deserve! Citizens – take note – what you believe is what you live – are you truly true to God or yourself with what you believe?

  5. What about anyone that is poor! Always believed it’s wether your rich or poor doesn’t have anything to do with skin color! Makes me sick because this is racist against the poor of any color!

  6. These programs will continue until the ones voting for them, themselves loose a family member or two, to the very criminals they set free. With all the private security that WE the people provide for them, this will never happen. Until they have to live under the laws they write, we will all suffer their decisions.

  7. Kerry Hanrahan,
    Absolutely , anyone who is bailing out these criminals should be held accountable!!!
    Just when I think that things can’t get worse, I run across this absurdity article and I sit in total outrage as to how these demonic, evil people aren’t put in prison!
    I am a Christian , and when I feel totally disgusted towards these witch hunts, I have to stop and realize that Jesus died on that cross for not only my sins but for theirs also.
    I have to remind myself that He doesn’t want to see anyone perish, and I can’t imagine His thoughts, His anger as He looks down on the world He created, when He looks down on the people that He dearly loves and that He created to have a personal relationship with us, I can’t imagine how hurt He must be.
    All I can do is pray for these people and to remind myself that nothing of this comes as a surprise to the one and only who sees all and knows all before it even happens.
    I heard a prophetic preacher say that he asked God ,” why haven’t you taken your hands off from us?”, and Gods answer was , “ because I hear the prayers of my people.”
    So despite of my thoughts of this horrible administration, I have to remember that God has this, and He will see those who are faithful to Him through this .

  8. Democrats are doing away with justice. Like empty jails, do away with law enforcement, judges, attorneys, and legalize drugs. Well, I say before they continue to implement their plan we should demand that they shouldn’t be allowed to hire their own security. They should live in their own chaos. This is going on in every city that a Democrat has been elected all over the united states. They don’t know how to handle money. That’s what this is about. We let a bunch of criminals run our country. People are being attacked for no reason and being killed because of their ideology. If you defend yourself they will make a jail for you.

  9. This just shows how much the democRATS hate America and the people here. They ALL lie every time you see their lips move. It s time we the people show them we are tired of their lies and vote them OUT at the poles this year.

  10. As long as people elect these Officials that are propped up with Money From George Soros and His ” Open Society ” these things will keep occurring as our country falls deeper and Deeper into the Nazi snare. Soros grew up in one of the Nazi Youth camps, taught how to push through Hitlers Agenda. By promoting and placing people strategically in places of power they can change each country into Hitlers dream, of Open borders and one Government controlling the world, The easiest way to persuade the public is by constant turmoil and disruption of everyday life. They then come in with lies of returning things to normal, when behind it all it was them causing it all, once they take over it will be to late and we all will then be a part of the 4th Reich.

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