Democrat Rep. Hastings Dead at 84

One of the more influential voices on the Democrat side of the aisle has passed away.

Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) passed away on Tuesday at the age of 84.

Hastings had suffered from pancreatic cancer.

Narrow Majority

The death of Hastings puts a significant dent into the advantage the Democrats have in the House right now.

With Hastings gone, the advantage slips to six seats once Julia Letlow (R-LA) is sworn in after winning the seat her husband previously held.

That means that if more than two Democrats vote across the party line and Republicans hold serve, at the very least, the vote would be split.

Corrupt Career

If you ask me if I will shed a tear for Hastings, the answer would be “no.”

While Democrats gushed over Hastings in his death, the facts tell the story of one of the most corrupt government officials we had in office.

For instance, in 2012, Hastings was atop the list for paying family members salaries and fees from his office and/or campaign.

Over a four-year period, he also paid his girlfriend, Patricia Williams, more than $622,000 for working as his deputy district director.

He was also a corrupt judge, which many people do not remember.

Hastings had been formally charged with bribery in 1981, but the trial eventually ended in acquittal because a key witness refused to testify.

However, in 1988, the Democrat-led House of Representatives took up the case, eventually impeaching Hastings from the bench with a vote of 413-3.

Four years later, Hastings ran for office in the House that impeached him… and won.

Another little tidbit about Hastings is that he led two objections to presidential elections.

In 2000, Hastings objected to Bush’s win and the 25 electoral votes in Florida. He did it again in 2004, trying to block the electoral votes in Ohio from counting.

It just gets better, too.

In 2011, Hastings was hit with sexual harassment allegations from staffer Winsome Packer.

The suit was eventually settled with $220,000 of taxpayer money.

House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) stated that his death was a “great loss for America,” but I believe the actual facts would lead us to a different conclusion.

Source: Fox News

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52 Responses

      1. President Trump is the one I miss!! He gets more popular every day! I and many others love him because he loved us! And he worked for 4 years to make things better for us! Right now after finding out what Biden is like and knowing Kamilla will be worse, there are a lot of people who voted for him who miss President Trump too!! Dems don’t stand a chance in 2022 or 2024!!


        1. Sorry but I would prefer paying to have them aborted instead of supporting them all their life while they commit crimes and destruction to this Country. Just look at the youth today as most of them are nothing but drug addicted criminals with no morals, ethics, upbringing or respect for anything, not even themselves,. I know I sound harsh but given the fact that it is not even safe to walk down the street anymore is frightening. Crimes such as looting, rioting, car jacking, drugs, muggings and murders are on the rise. A certain race has as many babies as they can to get more money from the Government and tax payers while the suppose to be fathers are no where to be found just so they do not have to pay child support. The race is a utter disgrace to society.

          1. That’s because they’ve been listening to Democrats all their lives. They teach them to riot and destroy things in school! They are all brainwashed! Bring them up in church and teach them right and you won’t have those problems. Killing them doesn’t help anything!

      1. That’s what I was thinking! Using OUR money is NOT a punishment for them! That should be done away with immediately, let them pay if they get sued or pay off somebody with their own money…..!

  2. Wow he was corrupt for paying family members What does that make TRUMP who did exactly the same and more

    1. Or Biden? Or Pelosi? Or the Representative from Minn. Omar? Seem to be a norm that it is ok to cheat and rob tax payers I guess.

    2. Trump worked for free and I believe his family did as well. His net worth decreased by almost a billion. While many Demonrats got rich in public service more like self service

    3. What does that make Biden, and Pelosi and Clinton and AOC and Tliab and Cuomo and Bloomburg and Newsome and Boxer and Maxine Waters and…. Need I keep going?

    4. Oh please. Nothing wrong with paying qualified people reasonable salaries for real jobs, even if they are family. Biden’s son’s fake job for fat pay in a position for which he had neither training nor experience is wrong? Trump s the last politician you should be pointing fingers at. He drew no salary for four years, giving him every right to redirect what is rightfully his to a family member to work along side of him. Dem double standards, hypocrisy, and skewed logic is nothing short of astounding.

    5. Have you proof he paid his children from his salary? I believe he donated his salary to the veterans and his son was head of one of his businesses and did not get paid for the political work as I understand it, besides it was done legal and above board.

      1. Trump donated his to charity and his children were listed as unpaid staff.
        As for the allegations that Trump used the office of the President to benefit his business, offering a 10 percent discount and donating the rest of a room charge is hardly taking benefit of his position as president.
        As stated by others Biden’s son has actually benefited from his father being in politics before and it is becoming more and more visible everyday.

    6. Biden paid his family, too. And used tax loopholes to keep from paying 500,000 in taxes, but trump is the bad one right? All of you yelled about trumps taxes for 4 years, Biden took advantage of the same thing, such hypocrisy!

    7. Your hatred has made you insane. Get some help. President Trump did more for this country than has ever been done before and we would not be inundated with ILLEGALS if he were still president. Well, actually he IS still president because my vote along with millions of others were switched from Trump to biden, the demented fool that you are so proud of.

    1. I believe it says in the Bible “Judge not, lest you be judged”. Whatever went on with the man before he died is between him and God.

  3. A fellow corrupt politician and club member with Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the low life carpet baggers.

    1. A tour bus goes off a steep cliff and falls 600 feet. It was reported to carry a mix of Democrat Senators and Representatives. All of them were invited to go on the trip with both Nancy & Chuck as the hosts. The total body count is 60.

      Questions- What is this called?
      Answer- A good start.

  4. Thank you, God. Many have been praying for God to remove evil people from office. Who He removes and how He chooses to do so is up to him, but the church cries out for justice and truth to prevail in the land. Our group prays against ALL godless and evil leaders, regardless of Party, to be remove. But we call out by name known corrupted politicians, including among others, Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Schumer, AOC, and also Romney, Cheney, McConnell, Cuomo, and others. Please join us in asking God to purge Washington.


  6. Glad he’s gone. Now if only Pelosi, Schumer,and both Cuomo brothers, and let’s not forget Hilary would all keel over and die. The world would be a better place.

  7. Pelosi said hastings is a great loss for America. I think she meant China. May he is on the subway to hell.

  8. Hastings might have been a loss to the Democrats but not to anyone else. Just one more corrupt Democrat bites the dust.

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