Democrats Strike out in Texas Special Election

Earlier today, we reported that the late Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) widow was the winner of the special election for his seat.  

While Susan Wright had the most votes, there will now be a runoff election because she did not eclipse 50 percent of the vote.  

At the time of our earlier report, it was still a tight race for second place, with a margin of slightly more than 350 votes. 

Democrats just got the bad news that they have been completely blanked, as Republican Jake Ellzey has officially taken second place.  


There is quite a bit to take away from this election. 

First and foremost, Wright was the only candidate that had the endorsement of Trump in the race, and she was the clear winner.  

This is a nightmare for Democrats and the Republican establishment, as it shows that Trump is still wielding considerable influence with voters. 

For Wright to walk away with almost 20 percent of the vote in an almost two dozen deep field is significant 

Secondly, but just as important, was the overall showing for Republicans.  

The top two Republicans in the race garnered almost as much support as the entire Democrat field.  

When you consider the top Democrat had about half the support, it is not a good sign for a party that was positive they could flip this seat blue.  

Democrats will now have to sit back and watch the runoff election go off without a Democrat on the ticket.  

It would appear as though the rumors of Texas turning blue were prematurely reported. 

Getting back to Trump really quick, it is also worth noting that Wright and Ellzey were in a virtual tie in early voting, at 15.77 and 15.75 percent, respectively.  

Trump gave a last-minute endorsement to Wright, and she crushed everyone on election day totals, winning the day with 24.07 percent of the vote to Ellzey’s 11.38 percent.  

Something else of note here is that Michael Wood, the candidate backed by anti-Trump Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) got almost no support, winning a mere 3.2 percent of the vote.  

The media, of course, is already making excuses for a poor showing by Democrats… 

However, we are not buying that because Democrats want to hurt Republicans any way they can and put a chink in Trump’s armor, both of which would have been accomplished by taking this seat.  

This, as I said this morning, was not a be-all, end-all election, but it was a rather good measuring stick as to where Texas stands and just how much influence Trump will wield as we move into the 2022 election season.  

Source: Breitbart 

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17 Responses

  1. Hopefully Mrs. Wright will win the seat. That would be awesome! It shows that Texas is a red state and will continue bieng one! Now, we need to get Arizona back in the red where it belongs! Hopefully the audit now going on will show voter fraud and get Katie Hobbs out of office. She has NO place in Arizona government with her ties to Soros and others. She clearly was bought in by his billions he contributed to her campaign. Come on Arizona voters, wake up, get out the Republican votes and win!

  2. I live in Texas District 6 Congressional. Democrats are in an extreme minority around here. Ellzey has a very brief voting record at the state level and has shown himself to be a RINO. Susan Wright would carry forward the mandate her deceased husband got in the last election in November.

  3. No doubt the Democrats will cull the graveyards, the illegals, and the census from 1909 to scrape enough votes to win the election like they did with Trump.

    1. In my opinion, there needs to be a new census taken because of all the illegal counting of individuals that don’t even live in a certain state.

  4. President Trump is the President of the United States, pure and simple! Every intelligent person in this country knows President Trump won the 2020 election!!! He’s the king of the party and everyone knows it! We can only pray this country survives this idiot in the white house and doesn’t get us all killed by his so-called friends the Chinese!!!

    1. Amen Brother couldnt have said it better my friend! Biden is an imposter, hes not the president of anything, at least not to the United States Of America! Hes a traitor, and has committed high treason, in this country! Him and Obama ought to be strung up, and hung along with Soros!

  5. Recount, Verify, NEVER Trust the news, media or democrats and now more than ever never believe they counted them , the Diminion Machine s are lies , and cheets , need to remplace the crime machines run by the communist

    1. We need to vote in person. No mail in ballots like the Democrats wanted. I shredded my mail in ballot and went to the polls and voted!

  6. This STOLEN election is CRAZY/IMCOMPETENT JOE can’t believe they pulled it OFF illegally by China, congress-woman: semetic-muslims Omar, Presley. And Tliab who told our president Mr. Trump the “F” word to impeach him and she was just illegally sworn into Congress. They are the 4 Squad representing America tax-payers. Their are on an traitors/treason and a Mission Impossible agenda. Their mission is to work for all the ILLEGALS: Illegal aliens, Foreigner-immigrations, refugees and they wants to keep lying to us with all this set-ups violence, rioting, and trying to change and STOP our constitution rights, freedom, religious rights, to a COMMUNIST 3rd world countries so Demon-Rats can keep CONTROL AND FAKE POWER to American citizens. Demon-Rats was PROVED cheating in the 2021 Election from the REAL president Mr. Trump. Americans want a president who putting Americans First Not Last for Illegal aliens. This is our country so lock-UP these Traitors/Treason. Our whole Government need to be immediately lock-up. They really trying to replace us with ILLEGAL ALIENS VOTERS TO KEEP CONTROL AND POWER OF THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA IS FULL OF LIES, DESTRUCTIONS, AND CONTRROL… AMERICAN OUR OWN MEDIA IS SUPPORTING THE CORRUPTION DEMON-RATS WHY THEY TRY TO CONTROL AMERICANS. THEY DON’T WANTS CITIZENS TO SEE IT!!! DEVIL IS A LIE!

  7. Any Republican that is not on Trump’s side just doesn`t know what time it is. They have eyes but can`t see. They have ears but can`t hear. They have a nose but can`t breathe. They ar Bill Clinton all over again. They smoke but don`t inhale. What a crap and a deceiver.

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