Dems Downplay FBI Terror Watch List Members Caught at Border

Two arrests were recently made at the border that Democrats, specifically the Biden administration, do not want you to know about.

On March 30, an as-of-yet unidentified man was captured a few miles west of the border in Calexico, CA.

After being captured and a quick database search, agents realized he was a known terrorist and on the No-Fly list.

Another man had been captured in January at the same border location, also a terror suspect.

Both men were from Yemen.

This was a good thing and showed that the system was working, yet Jen Psaki has been playing it down and Customs and Border Patrol removed a press release regarding the arrests AFTER the White House tried to play down the arrests.

Initially, CBP gave no reason for the press release removal, but on Tuesday the agency finally came out uttering nonsense that was more than likely supplied by a talking head at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to CBP, the release was taken down because it was “not properly reviewed and contained certain disclosure and policy information related to national security.”

To quote Joe Biden, “Hogwash!”

Source: Fox News

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9 Responses

  1. Hell Biden
    He must step down out office, also Harris now. They are terrible jobs. They did bribery for support Communist China. They still criminal to destroy our country. I need Trump back to official sooner and back country safe and low tax expenses, more good things. May God help us pray for him safe

  2. OF COURSE HIDIN’ JOE BIDEN and his RATHOLE buddies in congress are gonna downplay 2 of their own getting caught and arrested !! They should ALL be treated as the TREASONSTS that they ARE and dealt with as such !!!

  3. I was just reading on another site about a CEA part of the Bidet’s administration and think it translates to
    Chief Executive A-Hole . Now that is the correct name for Bidet’s organization .

  4. Screw the border collapse. the Demacrats and there MSM mouth pieces are more worried about the big insurrection (protest) by Americans on American soil .

  5. This man, Biden is flat out trying to destroy our country. He is playing by Hitler’s playbook. Just look at the things he is doing, it totally reminds me of Hitler in the 30’s and 40’s.

  6. We The People demand Biden,Harris, Pelosi be removed now! And Clinton’s and Obama need to be dealt with also!!!!!

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