REPORT: Dems Losing Ground with Hispanics in Nevada

There are two states that I will be watching very closely on election night.

While I am interested to see how every battleground state goes, the border-area states are of particular interest to me.

Democrats have been losing ground with Hispanics going back to the Trump administration, so Arizona and Nevada could be a sign of things to come.

Losing Ground

In recent years, Nevada was a bit of a honey pot for Democrats, as was Arizona, but that appears to be going back to the red side of the spectrum.

While Democrats are still holding leads in key races in Nevada, they are starting to go the wrong way, largely due to Hispanic voters bailing on the party.

A recent AARP poll shows a significant slide in Hispanic support for Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak.

When the survey dials in to the 50 and older Hispanic demographic, both candidates lose significant support.

Additionally, both Democrats have far less support among Hispanics than they did in the 2016 races.

If Democrats lose ground with Hispanics or blacks, they lose, period.

They have feasted on minority support for decades, but the fact minorities thrived under Trump and are being crippled under Biden has people sitting up and taking notice.

I will not be so bold as to predict wins in these races yet.

However, even if we lose these races, the trend is going in the direction we need it and could possibly pay major dividends in 2024.

Source: Fox News

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    1. Isn’t NV awash with crooks, liars and deceptive people that will do ANYTHING they want then complain like crazy when someone else does the same thing. CORRUPTION is at least out in the open, unlike in many states where people think they are living in a state without crime and corruption…it is EVERYWHERE and if a politician is NOT corrupt – the corrupt ones WILL do them in

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