Dems Release Profanity-Laced Ad to Promote Gubernatorial Candidate

Democrat Governor Phil Murphy is back up for re-election in 2022 and someone had a “great” idea for a video ad.

His opponent, Republican Jack Ciattarelli, once pushed legislation to ban cursing in public.

So, Dems put together a video of residents in New Jersey cursing while Murphy posted the video, calling his opponent a “knucklehead.”

The Best You Got?

Yes, I think an ordinance like this is silly, but it would depend on where you live, to be perfectly honest.

I have been to areas of Arkansas and Texas that would fully welcome such a law.

Point being, sticking up for dropping F-bombs as a campaign ad seems a bit outrageous to me.

If that is the best attack you have against your opponent, you are in pretty bad shape.

Yet, this is what Murphy sent out…

That, my friends, is the state of the Democrat Party today.

Source: Fox News

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6 Responses

  1. If you use profanity it really exhibits a poverity of vocabulary, Words of wisdom from my grandfather, Clarence George McClean as relayed to me by my father, Charles E. McClean, DDS.

  2. The Democratic Party is as pathetic as they have ever been. This ad is the act of a bunch of silly, ignorant children who have been refused their demands. Out country is being run by a party that has the intelligence of a stone. and that is an insult to the stone. It is time these flakes are drop kicked into the closest sewer where they all belong. How did these brain dead ogres ever get so much power and control? Oh,of course, by lying, stealing and fraud. That is the only way any of them could be elected to any job. Disgusting worms.

  3. This reminds me of the video Harris, the ho, just released. As in the past, this video is another showing of her inept performance as V.P. She gleefully explains the future explorations into outer space to a so-called group of enthusiastic teenagers. The only problem is that these teenagers were Paid actors. As is in Harris’ video, Murphy’s video shows very little imagination if not copies that of Harris’. The adults used in Murphy’s also do not typically represent the type the residents living n N.J. I know, I live in N.J. Murdering Murphy has destroyed N.J. He has no platform so this is the best he can come up with. Sad but not unexpected.

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