Google Denies Trump’s Truth Social App Approval in Google Play Store

Donald Trump’s new social media outlet may have just been given its final strike.

While already approved on Apple, Truth Social remains unavailable to android users.

The wait continues, as Trump just received word that Google Play will not approve the app for download in its store.

Not Happening

We know Google has it out from Trump.

Now it has hit with the ultimate slap in the face.

With the app already struggling financially, investors may pull support with Google now refusing to publish the app.

Without android access, it is hard to imagine Truth Social surviving.

Former congressman Devin Nunes, now the CEO of Trump’s media company, has been waiting for Google to approve the app.

He found out on August 19 that it was declined for lack of moderation on the site.

A Google spokesperson stated, “On August 19 we notified Truth Social of several violations of standard policies in their current app submission and reiterated that having effective systems for moderating user-generated content is a condition of our terms of service for any app to go live on Google Play.”

This is a significant problem for Truth Social because its selling point is free speech, which means less moderation.

While I would expect Nunes to make some changes to try to get approved by Google, they are walking a fine line here.

Do they add moderation to get approved or do they risk running only on desktop and Apple?

Google has put Trump in a position that he caves to “the man” or his project goes up in flames.

What do you guys think will happen?

Will Truth Social change its moderation policies or do you think they scrap the project altogether?

Source: Daily Caller

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