DeSantis Soars to Double-digit Lead Against Crist

Recent polling in Florida has not been good for Democrats.

There was a bit of a scare for a hot minute, especially with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Val Demings.

Several weeks ago, a poll broke with Rubio behind, but that was clearly an outlier.

Now, with every new poll, DeSantis and Rubio seem to be extending their leads.


Charlie Crist seems like a bit of a crazy man to me.

It is almost as though he wants to run, but he does not want to win.

He has attached himself to Joe Biden at the hip and all he has done is go down in polling since he started gushing over Biden.

Here is the latest USA Today poll…

The Echelon Insights poll also came out, with that lead for DeSantis growing to 52-42 percent.

Crist seems to think that most Americans are glad that a hack liberal sheriff is now investigating DeSantis…

In reality, every survey I have seen on this matter so far supports sending the migrants to sanctuary cities.

Keep talking, Charlie, because you have less than seven weeks left in the limelight before you are yesterday’s news.

Source: Breitbart

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16 Responses

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  2. YOU LOSE, IDIOT DEMONICrats! Is crist is all you got?? You better wrap it up, since the ‘ blind morons ‘ who voted for traitor in chief (after o’boomer), hopefully are growing a brain (very difficult for a DEMONICrat).
    The REAL TRUE CHRIST is coming back! He is sick and tired of all you sick bastards,who are worshiping the god of money, worshiping freaks(trans etc…you figure it out), killing babies, God haters,etc…YOU ARE GOING TO HELL AND WILL BURN FOR ETERNITY, and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR FILTHY SMOKE, RISE FROM THE GROUND! Don’t believe me?? Keep doing what you’ve been doing, and see how ‘ wrong I am ‘! I am rejoicing since your ugly faces, and your disgusting hearts will be in agony FOREVER! Pay the piper, suckers, and CRY!

  3. If we can’t have President Trump back in the White House, then, Governor Ron DeSantis would be a GREAT choice! Always vote RED (remove every demonicRat, and the RINOS) and we can save our great country! GOD bless the U S A!

    1. ted,im thinking on the same line as you,these morons like the liar in chief ron klan and his leftist liar biden have got to go now. and ted if the whitehouse president ron klan does not close the borders immediately, there stupidity will harm us i will keep this theory to myself until after the November elections, and only hope these democrook politicians will not put us in jeopardy before then. god bless the american indians.

  4. Has anyone noticed no party says anything about getting rid of the millions of illegal aliens ? We have water problems people living in tents and under bridges housing is hard to fing and expensive well ??

  5. I like DeSantis…He’s smart, innovative, wants the US back on top, stands up against ‘them’ and favors the Constitution. He’ll made the necessary changes for the betterment of the US, and ‘they’ are afraid of him.

  6. Charlie Crist was a horrible Governor and only makes promises with no intent/ability to actually make things happen! He flip flops back and forth and just says what he thinks voters want to hear! I sure don’t want to see that idiot anywhere in my State’s government again!

  7. Charlie Crist is the Biden “factotum”. The Bolchevik party, pseudo democrats, do not have
    any political guns on they arsenal. There, is a lot of zombies that do not know from where
    they came from.

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