DeSantis Slams Biden for Delisting FARC as Terrorist Organization

Joe Biden made a move under the radar this week that should have been front-page news.

The Biden administration removed the terror designation from the Columbian rebel group FARC.

DeSantis saw an opportunity to pounce, and he did just that.

He Did What?

There were even some Democrats that could not believe Biden took this step.

They kept quiet, though, simply because Biden is atop the party right now.

DeSantis is thinking like a possible presidential candidate.

He stated, “Joe Biden’s decision to legitimize the Marxist terror group FARC paves the way for Castrochavismo in Colombia and is a slap in the face to Colombian-Americans.”

If you are not familiar with FARC, the group has been tied to thousands of kidnappings, executions, and attacks against the people of Columbia.

There is simply no way this designation should have been removed.

Source: Fox News

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5 Responses

    1. Let’s not forget how Wrecking Ball Biden supports the black lives think they matter more/antifa terrorists. They are doing a lot of his dirty work for him.

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Biden’s foreign policy puts terrorists first:

*He gave Afghanistan to the Taliban.

*He’s working to lift sanctions on terrorist-funding Iran.

*Today, he legitimatized the Marxist terrorist group FARC by removing them from the list of terrorist organizations.

Biden won’t take responsibility for Afghanistan, for the border, for inflation, or for gas prices.

In Biden’s mind, the buck stops with everyone but him.

Reminder as Biden is forcing mandates on the American people.

When the cameras are off, he doesn’t follow them himself.

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