Did Pelosi Just Accuse Joint Chiefs Chairman of Lying?

General Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, has gone on the record that there was no delay in deploying the National Guard on January 6.  

This is something that House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has stated repeatedly, making it sound as though our military leaders were purposely holding back help to feed Congress to the mob.  

When Pelosi was asked about General Milley’s account, she all but accused him of being a liar.  

He’s Just Wrong 

So, who would you think would know more about the state of the National Guard on January 6?  

Would that be Speaker Pelosi or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?  

I am going to go out on a limb and say that most are going to agree the latter is a bit more tapped into our military operations.  

Milley, on the National Guard’s response that day, stated, “There was no attempt to delay the deployment of the National Guard, I mean that’s just false.” 

When the clip was played for Pelosi, she just about lost her mind.  

The Speaker completely undermined the General, stating, “I have the highest regard for Gen. Milley, but he doesn’t know the full picture if he presenting the characterization that he just presented. 

“The fact is that they could’ve been there very much sooner and it would’ve been much less destruction.” 

The deployment of the Guard has been at the heart of the entire riot, as Trump stated that he had given permission for the Guard to be activated days before the rally.  

We have also seen reports that politicians were pushing back against the deployment of the Guard prior to the actual riot starting because they were worried about optics.  

Pelosi wants her commission, but her reaction makes it more apparent than ever as to why we need this commission to be truly bipartisan, meaning equal party members from both sides, to make sure the commission comes up with the truth rather than reinforcing the narrative that Democrats continue to push about that day. 

Source: The Hill 

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81 Responses

  1. You all make these commemts
    about what needs to be done! BUT
    Nobody wants to do anything about it they just talk the talk but never walk the walk.People we need to stop talking and start doing something a out it.or we won’t have any freedoms anymore??Lets pull together and force these issues down these politicians throats and show them we mean business!!! I’m tired of losing everything and them getting richer off ot we the people

      1. Do you actually have the balls to ask someone if they are walking the walk alone. You have to be a liberal or live under a rock because should the SHTF you will be hiding in your basement while 6 million of us stand up to all that is wrong in this country

  2. President trump offered the guard but pelosi refused. Pelosi knew about this attack long before and did nothing to stop it.now she needs to blame others . She is unhinged and needs to retire before doing more damage to this country.

  3. Agree with all posts! Piglosi is the liar! She REFUSED to have the guard there because she knew what was going to happen! She set it up so blm and antifa would storm the building wearing MAGA gear so she could blame and impeach Trump! Now she is afraid she will be found out, so she blames Milley, says he is lying! She needs to be removed from congress, she is unfit to be the speaker! She is undermining our constitution, our country and is a threat to national security! The speaker’s chair must be vacated and Piglosi removed before she does any more damage! She is a TRAITOR, a liar, a manipulator, and has abused her office! She must be removed ASAP!

    1. She is Satan and must be fired, never have I seen such evil as this person shows. Heaven has no place for her but he// does.

    2. I totally agree with you. I believe Nancy set this charade up to hurt Trump because she can not control him like she has a lot of the cabinet members. She & Maxine are a disgrace to our country.

    1. Mirror, not minor! With a mug like her’s, she’s only going to break the mirror if she looks too long.

  4. You know I cannot believe Pelosi. Why did she not accept the guard. Is she deflecting blame?

    1. Piglosi would never accept the blame for which incidents she is accountable for. The best thing Congress can do is SHUN her. But Congress is too cowardly to do that.

  5. Pelosi on purpose didn’t ask for National guard ,she plan everything so put a blame on President Trump & every smart person can tell you that what Pelosi said : if they could have been there very much sooner there would not be much less distraction was a big lie & immorality & dishonesty .Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of killing 5 people & that was a huge lie too ,in her statements the police who shot ASHLI BABBIT was a heroic policeman & we have no right to know his name but they want to defund all polices . She has to resign if there is any justice in America.

  6. Funny how Pelosi has the nerve to accuse anyone when she is one of the worst offenders! How is it that we’ve reached this point of having crooks, liars, murderers and and just plain idiots in our government?

  7. Pelosi is the one that holds the blame ! What happened to her laptop ??? Who’s withholding evidence ????????

  8. Pelosi has a Doctorate’s Degree in lying…so who is she to make accusations. It’s too bad the rest of the USA cannot fire her; wonder how much she pays those “constituents” in California to vote for her sorry arze. I don’t care how many votes she gets from her home State; Congress does not need to (nor have to) give her extras while she is in DC.

  9. Pelosi is so used to lying herself that she can’t tell when someone is telling the truth!

  10. The old hag Pelosi needs to be replaced by someone who is not an egotistic power hungry self centered wicked witch! We need someone who actually cares about the people they represent!

  11. General Mills…Joint Chiefs Chairman….. Just tell the truth coward. You know who made the call and so do the Americans. We aren’t stupid you know.

  12. Pelosi is one of the most evil people in the Democratic Party. Hatred, vitriol, and vengeance control her lack of moral integrity. I saw where someone dumped a wheelbarrow full of her on a street in DC.

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