Wife of California Congressman Dies from Diet Remedy

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) lost his wife in December, but we never knew what happened.

On Thursday, reports finally surfaced as to what led to her death.

Lori McClintock was taking a diet remedy with white mulberry leaf.

This led to dehydration and inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

She was 61 years old.

All Natural

Her death has been linked directly back to the white mulberry leaf.

The report stated that there were “adverse effects of white mulberry leaf ingestion.”

Exactly how she ingested the mulberry leaf remains a bit of a mystery.

It is unknown if the leaf was in her tea, a supplement, or if she was ingesting fresh leaves.

The report did note that one leaf was found “partially intact” in her stomach.

White mulberry leaf is native to China and used as a natural remedy for many ailments as well as a weight loss supplement.

Daniel Fabricant, CEO and president of the Natural Products Association, who was in charge of overseeing dietary supplements during the Obama administration, tried to play this off.

He stated, “There’s a science to this. It’s not just what a coroner feels.

“People unfortunately pass from dehydration every day, and there’s a lot of different reasons and a lot of different causes.”

Have you noticed that if anyone questions someone from this or the Obama administration, your conclusion is immediately dismissed if you disagree with them?

I think I will take the word of the coroner over an Obama FDA hack on this one.

Source: Fox News

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